How to Snap Out of a Biz Funk

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Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster.

Some days you’re on top of the world – full speed ahead.

Some days you’re rolling backwards.

Some days you’re suspended upside down, mid-loop, wondering how. the heck. you got here in the first place.

In the twoish years I’ve been in business, I’ve experienced my fair share of ups and downs – extreme highs and some self-imposed lows, the FIRE of feeling totally aligned and on-purpose, and the whattheHEYamIdoing storm clouds of feeling stalled out and murky on my vision, totally out of touch with the passion of my early days.

I wanna talk about that storm cloud part today: The biz funk.

Biz funks happen to all of us at some point or another. Repeatedly. It’s part of the game.

I’m assuming you’re like me – in this for the long haul, right?

You don’t wanna play like an amateur. You wanna play like a pro.

So let’s go pro. If occasional biz funks are inevitable, it’s our responsibility to know how to snap out of ’em.

We’ve got a game to play!

In today’s video, we’ll cover:

  • why I was tempted to wave the white flag not so long ago (#bizfunkhistory)
  • three VERY simple tips to help you get your groove back
  • a mini pep talk you can save (bookmark) for a rainy day :)

Click below to watch (or take a listen):

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1. Revisit your why. WHY did you start this business in the first place? If you’re like me, you started on pure passion. Maybe it was for your craft, for your audience, or for paving the way for your dream life…but the passion was THERE. Then, once you got rolling added so much pressure (+ so much information!) that you sucked the FUN right out of your business. BOO. It’s time to hit the pause button and bring back that lovin’ feeling – even if it’s a totally different why than the one that inspired you to start in the first place.

2. Reach out to your dreamies. Nobody can motivate you like the people you love to serve. I often NEED a “mutual inspiration society” to bust through resistance and get my buns in gear. Connect via social media. Surprise them with a live Q&A just to see what they need help with (+ remind yourself that what you know IS valuable!). Pick up the phone to connect (gasp!). Meet a client or customer for coffee. However feels fun + easy for you – reignite that spark by remembering why people want and NEED what you’ve got to offer.

3. UNPLUG. (Just as soon as you’re done reading this blog post ;)) I don’t know about you, but checking my social media + email apps on my phone sometimes makes me feel nauseous – like a screen-scrolling zombie. We’ve got to know when it’s time to just shut down the computer and put the screens AWAY. Take a walk, go for a swim. Do some journaling – gratitude is always a spirit lifter! Say some prayers. Do your fave meditation. Visualize what you really want out of this day – year – lifetime (dreaming is free and OH SO FUN!). Be silly + get messy with your kiddos. Call a girlfriend and talk about anyyyyything but business. Pick your pleasure. Just. switch. gears.



In the comments below, tell me:

What’s one of your favorite ways to snap out of a biz funk?

Let’s build up an idea bank in these comments so we have a fun place to shop next time a funk strikes ;)

To getting our grooves back,


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  1. Jasmine

    When I really need to get away from the executive mini-me’s in my head, I do 1 of 2 things.
    I either grab my hubby and go for some ice-cream from the local creamery and watch an animated movie, or 1 go do something fun with friends who make me laugh and don’t ask me about work.

    Those are my bail-out strategies lol

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Ahhh yes, Jasmine! Husbands are great for hitting the reset ;) And The Princess and the Frog is a great flick for remembering what’s most important! ha

  2. Tamsen

    So beautifully shared!!!

    I definitely need more of #3 this summer! This is the last thing I’m doing before powering down this weekend!

    So happy you’re laptopless! Enjoy all the amazing memories I know you’re making!

    xx Tamsen

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Thanks, friend! Hope y’all had a great weekend :)

  3. Katie Grace

    Thank you so much! This is very refreshing to read. I actually just ditched my old opt-in for a new offer that excited me, aaand made me a bit nervous! Within an hour of posting it I had 3 signups! This was such a pure example to me of how shifting my energy to embrace change and face my fears, pays off. My spirits were really lifted. So I would add that reaching out to your Dreamies is super important, and reaching out to them in a new, challenging way for you could bust through some of that sludge we all feel sometimes!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      YES – trying something fresh + new (just because) is a GREAT way to bust through a rut. Well done on going with your inspiration, Katie :)

  4. Shalon Ironroad

    YES. It’s so nice to know I’m not the only one feeling this way! Thank you for the 3 clear and simple “funk busters”.

    The “Unplugging” step is a biggie for me. When I do it, I’m able to stop comparing myself to others and focus on my *own* mission and my unique strengths.

    When I unplug, my #1 de-funk tool is WRITING. Not essays or poetry; just using my pen (or markers ) + paper as a printer for my brain and getting all of those thoughts OUT. While I’m writing, I usually realize how ridiculous the negative thoughts have been, and I can see exactly where they came from.

    After I do my “printout”, I have the space in my brain to make something happen. I’ve learned (the hard way) that, if I don’t fill that space immediately with ACTION, it fills up again quickly. So I grab another sheet of paper and answer 3 questions:

    1) What do I want?
    2) Why?
    3) What am I going to DO about it?

    This exercise serves as a motor to create the momentum I need to have courage again.

    Here’s to going laptopless! Thanks again, my friend.

    p.s. the video clip in your post-roll seriously made me giggle. You’re simply the best.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      I love the printout visual, Shalon! Think I need one before diving back in this week :)

  5. Chantelle

    I have been in a biz-funk most of 2015 and I sort of pull myself out and then get back in. I found that with my most successful launch and the money flowing in I started to focus more on the money than my why and real purpose. It wasn’t me meaning to focus on the money it is just I am a goal-setter and financials are very specific and easy to measure. I started trying to grow bigger and bigger and lost touch with why I would actually want to grow. I realized that my goals were not in tune with my heart and so I dove into the Desire Map to set my goals with soul and to really be tapped into my core desired feelings and realize that I want to feel vibrant, connected, influential, divinely successful and brave. Connected is a huge one for me and I am so grateful for your share because I think so many of us go through these funks alone and in silence and wish I had known so I could have been there with a listening ear :) Next time, you know where to find me! xo

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      “It wasn’t me meaning to focus on the money it is just I am a goal-setter and financials are very specific and easy to measure.” <<< Ahhh this is so my go-to launch trap! Total buzzkill and reeeeally easy to fall into. And YES, feeling connected is a huge one for me. And encouraging. May be time for me to finally read The Desire Map ;) Thanks for sharing, Chantelle!

  6. Sally

    When I’m in a funk – business or otherwise – I do something for me! I tend to do for everyone else and neglect myself and find that the funks are cyclical. I will go shopping for a new outfit, get my hair done, mani/pedi, get a massage, read a novel (not a business book), etc. Something that’s entirely for me normally elevates my spirits and reminds me that I’m good enough.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Love those ideas, Sally! It’s the simple “real life” stuff that is so easily neglected when we flip to biz burnout mode. Easy but powerful ways to snap back into ourselves :)

  7. Rachael Hampton

    Hey Nikki,

    Totally agree with you! I’ve been in biz since 2003 here in France, and it has been a roller coaster ride.

    I LOVE what I do and would not take a time machine to change a thing.

    I would add to your list:

    4.) Join a club or do an activity (non-biz)
    It’s great to be focus on your business (24/7); however, your’re human and you still need to socialize in real life.
    Plus it will get your mine off of the biz funk.

    Joining a bookclub, go roller skating, or learn French (like I did).

    Can also put you in the path of your future dream clients.

    Take care & Great video

    à plus dans le bus ;D


    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      “You’re human and you still need to socialize in real life.” << YES. Why is it so easy to forget this? We become robots behind our laptops and then see other grownups (in face-to-face life) and think, "Ack! What if we don't have anything in common!?" as if our buddies that live in the laptops aren't also real people walking around grocery stories and carpool pickups on their own corners of the planet. Great points, Rachael ;)

  8. Grace

    I have really learned to honor when I need to take a small break. I love to give my business my all but at the same time I love to give my business a break at times too.

    I think it’s healthy, rejuvenating, inspiring and productive to take a day off every couple of weeks and just play, laugh and create for fun. And if your mind and body need 2 days, well then give them 2 days. The world won’t fall apart without you, I promise!

    Thanks for the reminder Nikki of some great ways to check back in when a full on funk sets in. Hopefully we can all take those breaks we need so the funk stays away :)

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Absolutely, Grace.

      I *think* I’m finally at a place where I can honestly recognize when a break will make me feel a) better and refreshed, or b) worse, because I’m letting myself slip further away from what I really want.

      Too many breaks lead to too much resistance and then I just feel stuck.

      The right kind of breaks that help me maintain momentum without losing my marbles (and too much sleep)…those are the ones I want to honor :)

  9. Andrea Jordan

    A great video Nikki. Love your work!

    Congratulations on your wonderful news too. You deserve all the happiness in the world.

    I had a major funk yesterday (my photos aren’t any good, who am I to think I can make this work).

    My first strategy when this happens is to step away from my laptop and get moving (a walk, a crazy dance around the room).

    My other strategy is to watch a movie, or read a book, especially ones that you have a good laugh or cry in. They help me to release the tension that I’m holding and I feel like a whole different person.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Thank you, Andrea! The power of a good laugh, cry, or both simultaneously…so good.

      And if you’re worried about your photos – just know that my first 90+ clients signed up to work with me when all I had was a cropped maternity photo as seen in the early screenshots here:

      I was out there connecting, adding value, letting them know exactly what I had to offer, and they couldn’t have cared less that I had yet to have a pro photo shoot for my biz.

      Great pics are fabulous, but not necessary. You’ve got this :)

  10. Alina

    Thank you, Nikki, for these 3 great ideas.
    Although I LOVE my work, I too feel stalled out once in a while. I am a holistic nutritionist and I counsel parents whose children are constipated and picky eaters. When I need a pick-me-up, I read the testimonials my happy clients write after they worked with me. These testimonials remind me why I do what I do and how useful my services are (helping children poop every day and helping them enjoy a wide variety of nutritious and delicious foods).

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Yesss that’s a great one, Alina! I have a folder full (and a really unorganized “to file” folder full) of testimonials and notes from my ACAC students (and folks I don’t even know!)…I don’t bask in those babies often enough. Well ever.

      Time to make that a regular part of my routine :)

  11. Kathryn Duckett

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your amazing, encouraging content. I don’t lurk on blogs too often, but I just sat down and started my morning by watching this and it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Thank you, thank you. You inspire me so much!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      And now you’re inspiring ME (to keep going with this whole consistency thing), Kathryn! Thank you SO much for taking time to share this. Thrilled it’s what you needed at the time :)

  12. Nicky Remkes

    I love to bake! and then eat the baking.
    Switch of, get the creative juices flowing and the reap the rewards.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Ohhhh, Nicky. Maybe it’s a Nikki/Nicky thing.

      I used to bake cookies like a MACHINE back in grad school. Every single one of my eight-week courses got to reap the benefits at least once per term ;)

      Thankfully I also did most of my reading while sitting on a recumbent bike in my apartment’s gym…otherwise that could’ve gotten out of hand real fast.

  13. Debby

    Great tips Nikki. I recently put out a survey to get some ideas on how to better help my customers. The response was great. So many ideas and comments beyond the multiple choice answer choices. Plus lots of genuine comments that felt affirming. I’m so glad I did it, even though it always feels a little ‘naked’ to ask the core questions.

  14. Allison

    Wow, I think I’m in love with you! I always get something out of watching your videos. I’m in a funk, been for a while. I’ve wrestled with getting some momentum and then stopping again every few months. I see my barrier as time/focus to devote to the area I want to grow, but I’m making money in another area. It’s hard to turn down low hanging fruit. The work harder, work longer mantra that’s so popular leaves me feeling uncreative, stressed out and deprived. I want the OPPOSITE of that! In review of my “coming out of the funk” times, it’s been when I gave myself time, a day or a week off, to focus on that part of my business exclusively. When I’m doing the paying part of my business, it’s difficult to transition to thinking in the way I need to, plus I tend to have really small blocks of time and most things don’t fit there nicely. Anyway, I’m hearing this message about Where do you want to go? alot lately, so I just have to meditate on that and make some clear decisions. Thanks for all you do!

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