7 Ways Creating a Course Can Help Your 1:1 Business

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There’s a lot of talk about creating online courses these days.

And most of it assumes you don’t want to work 1:1 anymore.

That may absolutely be the case (you’ve only got so many hours in the day, after all), BUT what if it’s not the full story?

If you enjoy working 1:1 AND the idea of creating an online course interests you, this video is for you.

In it I share 7 ways creating an online course can actually HELP your 1:1 business.

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There are all kinds of benefits to creating a valuable online course.

Here are seven ways it can specifically help you improve your 1:1 business:


Creating an course on a given topic helps establish you as an expert, much like writing a book.

By organizing your thoughts in a way that’s helpful to others, you demonstrate that not only do you know what you’re talking about, you know how to teach it.

That’s powerful. And in the eyes of 1:1 clients – it’s valuable.


This one’s all about leveraging authentic scarcity.

Even if you plan to continue your 1:1 work, you WILL need to create space in your calendar to create your course. That means you’ll need to reduce the number of 1:1 spots you have available.

Announcing a “last call” of sorts (whether it’s temporary, permanent, or somewhere in between) can help you fill your calendar quickly.

(This is exactly what I did in 2013 and it was a GREAT excuse to build up my revenue before hitting hibernation mode for a bit!)


The process of creating your course not only boosts your credibility – it boosts your mastery of your topic. That’s valuable!

You’ll also have less time to work with folks 1:1 (again, even if that’s temporary), which makes your time more valuable in the eyes of potential clients.


As your value increases in the marketplace, you’ve created a perfect opportunity to raise your rates in a way that makes sense + feels good to you AND your dreamies.

(If the thought of that makes you nervous, check out Denise DT’s free pricing course for guidance ;))


It’s a RELIEF to have your know-how in one super-clear and intentional spot.

When you work 1:1, all the pressure is on your shoulders to show up and deliver, time after time.

By creating your course, you’ve created a streamlined system to help your 1:1 clients get results.

No need to reinvent the wheel each time! Open up your notes (or your course workbook) when you’re on that call and rest assured you won’t skip a step.


Totally up to you, but if you decide to include a bonus community – Facebook group or forum – for your course, YOU benefit AND your clients benefit.

They get to connect with each other, offer feedback, share ideas and wins, and inspire each other with results from taking action.

YOU have a community of pre-qualified dream clients who have already invested in you AND already have access to your signature systems. That you to be able tooo……


Use your course to PREP your dreamies to work with you 1:1!

In the course you can cover the basics and get them to a level they wouldn’t have reached on their own, THEN you can be there to help them take it to the next level.

Instead of hopping on the line and covering the foundational ideas (that you’ve so thoughtfully covered in the course), you can dive right in and go exponentially further, faster with each call.

(The few 1:1 calls I’ve done since creating ACAC have been SO much fun for this exact reason. We hit the ground running!)


This one’s my personal fave.

Once you’ve got a leveraged asset out there working for you (+ your dreamies), you’ve got breathing room to dream up + create whatever’s next:

For your clients.
For your business.
For your family.
For YOU.

Once this know-how lives outside of your brain (in a clear, helpful, easy-to-digest format), you’ve got OPTIONS.

An as an entrepreneur (slash human being in general), that’s invaluable.


Sidebar Ad CAOC 250In the comments below, tell me:

Which of these 7 benefits gets you the most excited about creating an online course?

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To serving in a bigger way (+ enjoying the process),



  1. Michelle

    Hi Nikki, I LOVE this video. I haven’t yet created a course but I LOVE serving my clients on a deeper level. It hadn’t occurred to me that I could then create more to take them to the next level…and then the next….and the next….! PS Love that Bryson totally video bombed you, my daughter always seems to know when I’m filming too!!

  2. Whitney

    Such great points! I never thought about how creating a course would prep my clients to get an ever better value from me 1-on-1. That is actually my biggest frustration is working with people who are on such a basic level. I constantly wish if I could just get them up to speed faster, we could get to the juicy stuff that can catapult them ahead and I’d be a happy girl! OR, I get people who aren’t as invested in learning what they need to in order to succeed and that issue is being addressed by rewriting my copy so I attract more of the RIGHT people ;) btw… your kiddo is a total cutie!

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