We can talk every morning.

When you think he’s stalling, but he’s actually in deep (super precious) thought… 💞💞💞

Tonight, after B (finally 😩) finished his shower and put on his jammies, he snuggled up like he had something to tell me.

🤔 “I forgot what I was gonna say…”

😏 “Go brush your teeth + you’ll remember.”

🤔”Oh! I remember. Wait. What was it?”

😑 “Dude. Go brush your teeth + it’ll come to you when you’re not trying.”

🤗 “No no, I got it I got it.”

😳 “What is it, bud?”

😌 “We can talk every morning. Morning and night. And even some noons…”

😉 “But we already talk every morning and night!”

Then it clicked.

😭 “Do you mean when we don’t live together any more?”

🙃 “Mmhmm.”

😍 “I will ALWAYS love to talk with you every day! That’s a great plan. Were you thinking about this because Nana came over last night to play with you guys while Daddy and I went on our date?”

😚 “Mmhmm.”

🤔 “Want me to come babysit YOUR kiddos one day while you go on a date?”

😁 “Yeah!”

Pencil me in for that Tuesday night (+ plenty more) in 2043, buddy. I’ll be there. 😘



I know, I know. You’re welcome for documenting this tonight. 😭

I knew it was a keeper. Don’t forget B insisted that he snap this selfie. After we called for a redo because of a fake smile. 😬

Also remember how magical it is that *JUST TODAY* you read / recorded a voice memo (of that journal entry on your visions for motherhood + these kiddos):

“Even when they’re old enough to leave, they / we design our lifestyles so we can spend a lot of (face)time together and we text / chat daily.”

When you read it out loud you tweaked it to “regularly” because daily felt a bit too specific. But then B proposed three-a-days, so WHO ARE WE TO ARGUE?? 😜

Glad you clicked on this memory today. And please post another to add to the collection ASAP.

It’s our fave use for Facebook. ❤️

Who cares?

Have you ever asked that before posting / sharing something?

After dropping my boys off at school(s) this morning, I climbed back into the car, pulled out my phone, opened my Instagram app (because I recently deleted FB from my phone + the Universe abhors a vacuum ;)) and wondered:

Who actually cares if I post a story to Instagram?

The communication nerd in me is fascinated to study / learn how and why people use these new features of Insta + FB to connect.

So I decided to ask those brave souls who happened to tap + watch my story: (more…)

Looking for me? (Where to find me online right now.)

Hey you. It’s been a while.

I’ve had a ridiculously productive afternoon here in WordPress, updating my site for the first time in a long while, and I’ve gotta say: it feels SO. effing. GOOD.

While I’m in here skipping around from page to page making little tweaks for MEGA energy boosts, I figured I’d go ahead and write a quick WHERE AM I? post to let you know where you can find me online these days (if you’re looking, which, considering you’re checking my blog right now, you very well could be). (more…)

Slow Down + Grab the Kleenex, Mama.

A few weeks ago I recorded a podcast episode eloquently titled, “What’s the Rush? Permission to Slow the Eff Down.”

Somehow I’d totally forgotten that I’d get to meet Nichole Nordeman AND watch her perform her beautiful / heartbreaking song “Slow Down” live just a few weeks later.

I’d seen the video when it started making the rounds on Facebook last year, but when I heard it in person – I may have actually cried my face off.

Whether it’s your first or your 100th time listening, IF and when you’re ready, give yourself the gift of a tissue and a few minutes of time to process afterward. This one goes deep. <3 (more…)

The BEST (Personal) Use of Facebook Groups I’ve Seen

A few weeks ago I had a SUPER simple yet game-changing idea on how we can use Facebook in a totally new way — for business AND for personal life.

It’s one of those how-did-we-not-think-of-this-sooner? ideas that led to a whole lot of exclamation points and “this is brilliant!!”s in the comments.

If you’re a digi-hoarder like me (phone’s almost always FULL, laptop’s slower by the day) and you want a safe space for capturing ideas, practicing FB lives, AND storing family videos and pics watch this vid to learn the super quick trick that may forever change how you document things over there: (more…)