What a summer.

What a summer it’s been.

I documented lots of the highlights here (in case it’s not obvious, I currently use Insta more as a digi-scrapbook than anything – my camera roll is a vast abyss of memories I don’t organize well / at all), but of course because LIFE – there’s always so much more than what meets the highlight reel.

My 33yo May (mirror selfie) self was so optimistic about how this summer would go – our first trip back over the rainbow as a fam, exciting momentum on the book front, making simple shifts to support my physical health and energy…

My 34yo August self (best depicted by the morning-after-our-July-HNL-to-IAH-redeye selfie) is feeling worn and wiser. Aware that growth requires both support AND challenge. Hyper aware that this summer offered plenty of both.

I’ve been taking notes – both mental and iPhone – of reflections + thoughts I’d love to share with you, conversations I’d love to start with you, all in due time. ❤️

For now – if you’re seeing this – I’d love to hear from you. How are you doing over there? What’s taking center stage in your life right now? What’s one clear lesson you’ve learned / remembered over the past couple of months? Answer any or all and I’ll be back to check in soon. ✨