How to Master the Micro-Hustle with 90 Day Year Creator Todd Herman

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If you’re tired of working “hard” without seeing results, well…..skip right over this post and proceed right to this free training series. STAT.

But THEN come right back to hang out with me and one of the world’s leading performance coaches (father of two, root beer aficionado, and West Canadian farm boy) Todd Herman as we chat about goal-setting, asking for help, adjusting expectations, and the art of the micro-hustle…especially in the context of building a business with little ones at home.

This is intentionally a super-casual conversation (as opposed a super-structured interview) because I want to help you see the Todd behind the pocket squares and the infographics.

Whether you’ve got kiddos at home or not, if you find yourself struggling to “get it all done” in a given day, I invite you to be a fly on the YouTube wall and JOIN US.

You’ve got nothing to lose but excuses.

We covered a LOT in this conversation, including (but not even limited to):

  • the danger of biz crushes + blindly following gurus
  • how to set measurable goals you can feel good about (especially if you’re allergic to goal-setting)
  • how the “tiny circles” philosophy can help you overcome overwhelm
  • the #1 thing any new business owner should focus on
  • workaholism vs. ambition vs. hustle (…and what the hey is micro-hustle?)
  • the one word Todd does NOT allow his clients to use
  • how feedback loops helps you gain exponential momentum
  • Todd’s #1 tip for solopreneurs

SPOILER ALERT: There are Brown boy bloopers at the beginning, middle, and end of this piece. Because #naptimeempires. 

Click below to watch:

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2:36 | The danger of biz crushes (+ the power of knowing yourSELF)

4:54 | What Todd’s learned from over 28 THOUSAND hours of 1:1 work over 19+ years

7:04 | The Tiny Circle Theory: How to set goals you can feel GOOD about (especially when you see goal as a four-letter word << well it is. but you know what I mean)

9:20 | The #1 defining goal all startups should focus on FIRST

12:30 | The trap of creating problems before they exist

13:07 | The only thing worse than trading time for dollars

14:00 | How to set yourself up for quick wins (when you’ve got 10-15 minutes at a time)

15:32 | How I trick myself into being productive on resistance-y days … #spoileralert: it involves flying unicorns

16:56 | Using constraints + making decisions to “have it all” << whatever that means to you

17:48 | What new entrepreneurs and rocket scientists have in common

19:14 | The BIGGEST mistake Todd made when starting out (+ how we can avoid it)

21:22 | The case for getting over yourself and asking for HELP (my personal childcare experience)

22:18 | Why isolation + depression are at an all-time ….oh wait……DEKE BREAK

23:09 | How we’re going backwards in defining what it takes to be a “great mom”

24:15 | The beautiful benefits of getting help with the kiddos (lessening mom guilt + increasing focus!)

25:17 | Workaholism vs. ambition – living for the dream vs. living for today : Where’s the line?

27:13 | How your opinions of OTHERS’ opinions could be holding you back…big time

This really struck me:

“Which do you love more: Do you love the vision of your future more than the opinions of the present from other people? Which one? Because one of them’s gonna win. And so you’ve gotta choose which one that’s gonna be. And that takes a level of self-determination and drive and some grit.” – TH

29:13 | The value of getting (Venn Diagram) CLARITY on what (and who) matters most

30:17 | My current vision for the Naptime Empires™ conversation << for memory’s sake ;)

30:58 | GBB: Goal-setting that feels GOOD and exciting – from startups to squillionaires

34:17 | How to get into the zone (flow) state (Todd’s been studying this for 19+ years!)

35:00 | The difference between hustle and ambition – and the magic of the micro-hustle

35:43 | Why Todd doesn’t let anyone use the “P” (otential) word in his businesses – I LOVE THIS:

“I wanna know what your performance is…I’m a big vision person. I’ve got a huge imagination. But the only thing that I care about is: Am I taking care of this moment? Am I performing in this moment? Because when you start stacking those things together…THEN the potential starts flowing out of you.” – TH

38:48 | The super-fun micro-momentum challenge happening HERE in my Summer Sesh FB group!

39:49 | Why closing feedback loops is SO key to success

41:03 | Todd’s #1 tip for solopreneurs

42:16 | Another reminder to SOAK UP Todd’s free success training series while it’s up this week!

42:53 | The #naptimeempires blooper reel


I’ve mentioned him here on my blog a few times since I started working with him through 90DY, but in case you haven’t come across him just yet, allow me to introduce you to Mr. Todd Herman.

His about page is full of fun facts – like his Canadian farmboy childhood of fort-building + cow-milking, his well-documented root beer obsession, and pics of his gorgeous fam.

(I gotta say – from a communication nerd perspective, I love how includes warm fuzzies like that on the page to add a nice balance to his ridiculously legit street cred.)

Here’s why you wanna know this guy:

Todd’s spent almost 20 years serving as one of the world’s most sought after peak performance coaches… working in the trenches to help over 10,000 Olympic athletes, 9 Fortune 100 Companies, billionaires, and even royal families achieve the epitome of success in their fields.

Basically, he’s an expert in getting RESULTS out of people (who are willing to work for them).

He likes to use words like grit, hustle, and drive.

He’s all about facts, figures, and research.

He says that while amateurs talk about potential, pros only care about PERFORMANCE.

And THAT right there is what sparked me to pay close attention to what he was sharing:

FB Ads 90 DY Potential Todd


I’ve thought about it a lot, and I’m pretty sure my biggest fear isn’t failure or messing up (not fun, but it happens).

My biggest fear is not living up to my fullest potential.

Because I KNOW it’s in there. It’s what inspired me to start my business in the first place.

I know that I’m capable of living + serving in a bigger way.

(We all are!)

Todd’s no-fluff, no-excuses perspective helped me realize that I’d been using the idea of my “potential” as a pacifier of sorts.

As in – during those lulls + hibernations when I wasn’t making any forward motion, I’d soothe myself by saying, “But if I triiiiiied….I could totally do it.”

Potential. Defined (by my Google search) as: latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness.

MAY lead to future success or usefulness.

But I’d like to be useful now, thankyouverymuch.

Time to focus on results + outcomes.

Good stuff happens when you focus on RESULTS and performance, not just potential.

Which brings me to this:


Todd’s a performance coach, so his focus is on helping people get RESULTS.

He’s got approximately 1.5 squillion names for the methods + processes he shares inside The 90 Day Year program. (I think the athletes, Olympians, and Fortune 50 execs must like that stuff ;))

Don’t let the terminology intimidate you.

The heart of The 90 Day Year program is to bake in accountability for checking your progress, closing feedback loops, adjusting the sails as needed.

In short: it’s about deciding to focus on what matters + actually doing it.

I don’t invest in many courses or programs these days because I have juuuuust enough brainwidth to handle what I’ve got on my plate.

But this one (genuinely) isn’t about adding more content to your life (and your hard drive) – it’s about providing context…actually changing the way you work.

I will absolutely be going through The 90DY again (+ again) in 2016, and I’d love for you to join me.

Here’s what that could look like:


I shared Todd’s videos even BEFORE I signed up for the program, because they’re freaking helpful. And refreshingly different than anything else we typically see in the online space.

Now that I’m an alum of the program, I’m also a proud PARTNER of the program, which means if you decide to join The 90 Day Year through my link, I get a hey-Nik-thanks-for-sending-lovely-people-over! commission.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 1.05.12 PMAs a way to add value to those who DO join via my link, I’m offering up a new bonus bundle o’ support + encouragement.

More details coming soon!

(My branch of the 90DY family tree is already 70+ members strong, so you’re in great company! And if I’m able to wrangle my dudes and make it to the live event next spring, you can bet your booty we’ll plan a meetup :))

FACT: I have some Texas-sized goals for round two of 2016, dude.

So here’s the Q of the day:


The cart opens December 14 and closes Thursday (December 22nd).

Only you can decide if this is what you need to get the results you want right now.

Watching these videos to get a feel for Todd’s teaching style + approach will only help.

If you decide this program IS right for you + you’d like to be one of my 90DY accountability buddies, make sure you use my link when you enroll:

Once you’re in, please forward a copy of your invoice to support (at) so we can verify with Todd’s team.


The next 90 days will come + go just as quickly as the last.

Whether you watch the vids, join the program, or read nothing more than this blog post, please promise me that you’ll take some time to get REALLY honest with yourself about this:

Are you hiding behind the idea of your potential, making excuses for why it hasn’t come to fruition?

(No judgment here – as I mentioned, that’s my default safety zone!)

How do you want to feel about your progress (+ the contribution you’ve made to the world) when you look back 90, 120, 365 days from now?

Do you currently have access to the tools + support you need to make that happen?

If you could use some extra accountability + focus, let me encourage you to take a good look at The 90 Day Year this week.

It could be just what you need to finally step off of the context-switchin’ hamster wheel and into the driver’s seat of your business where you belong, and I’d LOVE to check back in with you throughout the year to hear the story!

To performing to our potential,


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  1. Morgan

    I loved this interview, Nikki & Todd! I’m already a BIG 90-day year fan (and member), but some of these nuggets were new to me and really helped me re-frame what I’ve already learned from Todd. Draw smaller circles. Genius, and that image clicked for me. If my broader goal is to have a successful course launch, for example, and I’ve only got two weeks left in the launch and I’m constrained by family and travel, what are the smallest, most potent circles I can draw in order to move me closer to my launch goals? Maybe that means I’m not worried about blogging or posting useful links on social media everyday. Maybe that means my circles should only focus on connecting with people who could be dream fits for my course, talking to them, and selling the course to them. That’s it. And if I can make progress within those small circles, I’ll feel good about everything else. So, yes, draw smaller circles, love it! Thank you both!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Way delayed response here, Morgan, but H to the YES for tiny circles!

  2. Bren

    The whole 90 day concept is really powerful to help with the idea of not having too grand a plan that can get lost in the clouds. My visions can spiral out of control and become 10 year life purpose alignments very quickly!! That’s why keeping thing scaled small, and daily tasks and weekly goals really resonates for me. Brilliant way to work and some simple strategies we can all apply straight out of the gate.

  3. Hannah

    Thank you so much for taking the time to create and share this interview, Nikki. I am a huge goal setter, over-achiever, and generally strive to be super-woman and then wonder why my life feels too insanely insane. You and Tod gave me a whole new perspective! My husband and baby daughter are going to thank you. It is time to make tiny circles, and focuse on what I can actually accomplish. Paring everything down to the essential.
    You’re an inspiration, doing all that you do with two children.

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