I'm a speaker, podcaster, writer, teacher and friendtor (that's word-nerd for "friend + mentor"). I'm also a mom, military spouse, former college professor and park ranger best known for leading refreshingly honest conversations on:

  • all things communication – using your REAL voice to build a fun, profitable business
  • entrepreneurship – the good, the bad, the totally awkward + uncomfortable
  • work-life (im)balance – motherhood and #naptimeempires life: adventures in biz-building with little ones at home
  • the military spouse career track – the value in creating a location-independent business on your terms 

On this page you'll find a curated collection of relevant features, talks, and interviews - in audio, video, and fully emoji'ed #instastory fashion.

"The rise of the stay-at-home working mom" recent feature on nbcnews.com  

Naptime Empires on NBC News

KNOWN FOR: facilitating #instaworthy lightbulb moments via live talks

trusted by industry leaders like Nicole Walters, Jennifer Kem, and Todd Herman

KNOWN FOR: sharing the highlight REAL via livestreams

The Difference Between YOU + "Them"

NEB Livestream Feedback

Success is Not a Sprint: 3 Tips for Rockin' the Tortoise Game

A Message for "Bad Moms": A Naptime Empires® PSA

NEB Livestream Feedback

KNOWN FOR: navigating the intersection of motherhood + entrepreneurship with humor + grace

“Down to earth and hilarious…”  

“A podcast that GETS me…”  

“Loving the honesty and encouragement…”  

“It’s SO nice to know you’re not alone in this beautiful, messy juggle…”

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Naptime Empires Podcast
Naptime Empires Podcast

KNOWN FOR: real talk on the realities of building a business with little ones in tow

livestream with Carrie Green, founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association

KNOWN FOR: simplifying the art of clear, sincere communication

bachelor's + master's degrees in Communication Studies - the social science of communication  

over 2000 hours of college-level teaching experience in public speaking, writing, and interpersonal communication  

10+ years in the online education space, serving students across the US (sea to shining sea), and in Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Switzerland, the Bahamas, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Hong Kong, Japan, and more.  

KNOWN FOR: building genuine connection in a noisy marketplace

livestream with Jennifer Kem, serial entrepreneur and founder of MasterBrand Institute, KemComm, and Femmefluence Radio


Nikki Elledge Brown is known online as the host of the Naptime Empires® podcast and creator of A Course About Copy®. 

She’s a proud military spouse, mom, former park ranger and college professor who first made a name for herself online when she built a multi-six-figure business helping thousands of entrepreneurs write with conversational clarity and confidence. (All this from home and with a toddler in tow, hence #naptimeempires.)

As a series of major life milestones sparked a super …character-building.. journey (in which she considered shutting it all down / running away from the internet), Nikki launched her candid, lofi-style On Her Terms® podcast to share lessons on resistance, relationships, and navigating a fulfilling, creative life amidst cooties and carpool.

When she’s not working on her book or writing about herself in third person, you can find her spending too much time LingOL at reels on Instagram or geeking out over which Disney / national park(s) she’ll visit next with her husband + three kiddos.

Check out her stories, tips, and inspiration on life, business, and all things communication in her podcasts and at nikkielledgebrown.com.

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