How to Set the Right Price(s) for Your Offers

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Everybody’s got a pricing sweet spot – some more randomly selected than others.

You may feel drawn to the 7s. Or the 9s. Or the .3 repeatings.

But at the end of the day (or the sales page), do the digits really matter?

In a dream world (i.e. a world full of dream clients happy to pay whatev you want), no.

In the real world (where even dreamies make snap – emotional – judgments), YES.

Silly as it may seem, if you do alllllll that work to showcase the best of what you’ve got to offer, then close your eyes and throw a dart at a pricing list, it’s VERY likely that you’re missing out on business.

So let’s talk about it for a few.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • My two cents on posting your rates directly on your site
  • Personal proof that the digits DO matter
  • Insights from my million-dollar *winkyface* house hunt
  • How + why I price my own offers the way I do
  • A super-helpful resource to guide you to the TRUE right prices for you + your offers

Click below to watch (or take a listen):

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LandingPageMonkey – (The sweet “$29” deal ;)) For real though, it’s $29.95 today, $197 tomorrow (Friday). And they added an early bird bonus of 100 web-ready background images just yesterday. Woop! Here’s a quick tutorial I made over the weekend if you wanna check it out.

Denise DT’s Free Pricing Course (+ her Free Money Blocks Course) – She knows her stuff. And her stuff is refreshingly blunt and SUPER useful.

Our Buying Hawaii ep on iTunes: Pearl Harbor to Paradise – We couldn’t say no to the opportunity. Literally the DAY before the producer contacted me to see if we were interested, my Noni + Paw Paw had sent a text saying, “We expect to see you on national TV within two years.” It’s just $2.99 if you want it on-demand ;)

A Course About Copy – This reeeally great course I know of that will help you write your entire site. (i.e. go from “ack – please don’t judge!” disclaimers and draft mode to “YESSS it’s done! And I want *everyone* to see it!”) The doors have been open (and we’ve welcome new members each week!) since October 1, but I don’t think I’ve made that very obvious. Please consider this your open invitation to join us if and when you’re ready :)

And if you’re into the actual science of this pricing stuff…

5 Psychological Studies on Pricing That You Absolutely MUST Read (That’s the actual headline.)


DO put your prices up there, or people will (logically) assume they’re too expensive.

Try a “starting at” or sample package rate to at least give a ballpark if needed.

And YES, numbers matter. We can be perfectly reasonable human beings, see $29.95, and still see it as $29 instead of $30!

It’s just how we’re wired. And it doesn’t make people slimy. We all know the deal here.

Like a 7 and think your dream clients will too? GO FOR IT.

Prefer a classy, almost-round-number 9? DONE.

Wanna play the rebel card and go for a bold 0? YOU’RE THE BOSS.

Whatever you do, PICK ONE and put yourself (and your offer) out there.

Your dreamiest of dream clients + customers aren’t pinching their pennies when it comes to you anyway.


In the comments below, share:

What’s your fave pricing strategy, tip, or resource?


To exchanging great value (often in the form of dolla dolla bills),


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  1. Brenda Barbosa

    Perfect timing Nikki, as I’ve been thinking a lot about this question lately. I so appreciate you offering these tips. Thank you!

    (*Interesting Sidenote: I purchased the Landing Page Monkey based on your review on Facebook this week AND because it was such a sweet and timely offer. I mean how can you say no to $29? But then a funny thing happened: when you promoted it in your video, you kept saying $29. So when the actual charge hit my card at $29.95, I immediately thought, “Wait, what’s going on here? Is this company trying to pull something over on me?” It wasn’t the 95 cents per se that made me perk up, but rather whether this company was trying to do something shifty. If I hear $29, and then I’m charged $29.95 I’m going to ask why? Turns out, it was $29.95 all along. Then I realized, I wasn’t buying based on their credibility, I was buying based on YOURS! I trust you implicitly so I never questioned YOUR information, I questioned theirs! Now I realize it was you who inadvertently dropped off the 95 cents in your promo video! And that’s where the confusion set in for me. It just goes to show the power of your personal brand and social proof!)


    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Totally my fault, Brenda! As you can tell by THIS video, I didn’t even realize I was doing it.

      But YES great point on the power of trust + social proof. Thanks for trusting me :)

    2. Cynthia

      Wow, THAT was beautiful!

  2. Leslie Johnson

    I personally like 7s and I often use them. I really like your point about why we need to list a price. I’ve been taught that the best route to go with a service is not listing a price and offering a free breakthrough session, give them a bit of content and them basically coach them into investing. I’d be interested in your thoughts on that.
    Awesome videos and your truly an inspiration for me to finally get my stuff out there!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Thanks, Leslie!

      If you’re happy to offer free sessions (+ they lead to PAID business that works for you), that’s one way to do it. As a potential buyer that’s definitely more appealing than “contact me for a quote.”

      But if you’d rather not offer your time/expertise for free (and/or you find you’re not attracting the right people with the free piece), paint the picture of the value you offer and stick a price tag on it with confidence :)

      (I also know folks who offer a super-affordable rate for the mini-sesh that can then be applied to the first session.

      It’s all about starting somewhere and seeing what works. Then you’ll evolve and find a groove that works for you and your dream clients!

  3. Rebekah Allan

    Great post! I personally love the 7’s as I read somewhere that is is a LOT of peoples favourite number or lucky number. And we feel like we are getting ‘change’ back from a note. Just like when we were kids.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Hadn’t heard that, Rebekah, but it makes sense with the lucky #7! Thanks for the comment :)

  4. Wendy Limbert

    When I’m the buyer, I tend to like 9’s. When it’s a 7 I feel like it’s a more obvious gimmick. Which obviously makes no sense, since a 7 is saving me $2, and it’s not logically any more gimmicky than a 9.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      That’s hilarious, Wendy! I hadn’t even thought of that – it feels a bit more gimmicky to me TOO, but YES, it is in fact a better deal :P

    2. Marinda

      That’s funny, Wendy! If something is priced at $999, that’s what it is worth. Technically, we don’t “save a dollar” but somehow we think that we are! Interesting psychology!

  5. Nour Zibdeh

    Hi Nikki.. thanks for this post… I’ve been following your blog for a while but first time to comment… I’m working on finalizing my Food Detox program and was thinking of a $97 vs $99 price… interesting comments here. I don’t think I’ve made up my mind yet, but what I’m understanding from you is that either one is fine… right?

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Absolutely, Nour!

      If you haven’t yet, check out the resources I listed above (Denise’s free pricing course is a great one) – and this article too:

      Don’t let it hold you up, though. We’re talkin’ $2. Go with the hunch of which feels better and move on down the road.

      Your dream clients + customers are *not* going to get hung up on the 7 vs. the 9 :)

  6. Nour Zibdeh

    Nikki such a cool article about marketing and pricing you share! Didn’t learn any marketing as part of my education and it’s such an AMAZING field! Thanks for the help!

  7. Eliezra

    Thank you Nikki, this was very helpful, I do prefer the 399 or 499 as a customer but haven´t done it yet in my business so I will be starting to do it right away! Thanks!

      1. Eliezra

        I will!

  8. Eliezra

    BTW, landing page monkey is AWESOME!!!

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