How Running a Business is Like Breastfeeding

How Running A Business Is Like Breastfeeding

Running a business isn’t always easy. Even when you’re reeeally good at what you do.

If you’re like me, you’ve got something in your business (LIFE) that you procrastinate or all out AVOID from time to time. That’s totally normal. (And I’ll reveal what that “thing” is for me in just a minute.) Point is: We’re human beings, not robots!

I’m working out a system to make alllll of those “tough things” easier, and that’s what I want to share with you today. In this (video!) post, I share:

  • How running a business you love is like breastfeeding (trust me on this one)
  • The one thing I struggle with the most in my business
  • 3 wildly simple ways to handle the hardest part of your business
  • An open call for feedback on my first EVER vlog post
  • The world’s longest video signoff (apologies in advance…I’m just really thankful for you! :P)

Let me admit right up front: this is no pro video. It’s not even faux-pro. It’s just me, sitting on a futon in my parents’ gameroom – the magical place where I rang in the new millennium back in high school.

Click below to watch (or take a listen):

Just because something comes naturally, doesn’t mean it comes easily. (Tweet that!)

Before moving on, I’d like to publicly thank biz coach Jenny Shih for inspiring me with her recent “kitchen confessional” video. Watching it (while in the car on my way to the zoo) this week gave me the subconscious permission I needed to just DO IT. (“IT” being the first video blog, of course.)

Your Turn

In the comments below, I’d looove to know:

  • How’d you like the video?!
  • What’s YOUR “hardest thing,” and (more importantly…) what are you gonna do about it?

Finally, if you DID like this video, please share this post with the procrastinators hard-workers in your life. I have a feeling they’ll appreciate it too.

Thanks for spending part of your day with me, dude. I hope this was helpful for you!

Til next time. Be bright!





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  1. Karen Taggart

    Hi. I’m Karen. And I’m an “over-think-aholic”. :)

    My biggest “hard” thing? To stop planning and actually DO it! I blame not having time (I work from home about 35 hours/week on my “real” job and also have a 2 year old), but really…I COULD find the time. Why don’t I??? Fear that I’ll put it out there and hear…{crickets}. But, good grief, if that’s the worst that can happen, BIG HAIRY DEAL!!! I made it through law school, passed the bar exam on my first try, and lived through 37.5 hours of labor! I think I can handle an idea/business “failure”. :)

    I did my first “Just Do SOMETHING” video recently, in my car with my daughter in the background no less, and posted it on YouTube just for some accountability. Felt good to take a (baby) step!

    Thanks for being open & honest! :)

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      “Hiiii, Karen!” ;)

      I totally thought of you (AND your video!) yesterday. It was fantastic, and you are too.

      And yes, you most certainly CAN handle (squash) any crickets that may come your way!

    2. Tayo

      Hello Nikki, just to say this was SOOOOO encouraging! Mainly because I am about to enter the world of vlogging and it is so comforting to know that EVERYONE starts somewhere no matter where they are today

      1. Nikki Elledge Brown

        Exactly, Tayo! Just check for your fave sites to see how they used to look at the start. And, of course, YouTube ;)

  2. Franca

    LOVED the video! (and the comments within it) you’re a natural and I sense that comes easily to you!!! and YES, thank you for delivering an important message to remember.
    In my case , I’m working on delegating what doesn’t really come naturally or easy to me, marketing! we’ll see how it goes.
    Stay well ;-)

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Thank you, dear Franca! Great to hear from you :)

      Wishing you well on the search for the perfect (okay at least 80% perfect) marketing guru!

  3. Jayme

    Hi Nikki, I love the video, simple, helpful and authentic. :)

    My hardest thing this week was writing a blog post as well. I’ve just recently revived my blog and I’m aiming to write regularly every week. When this week rolled around, I spent hours thinking and typing but could barely finish writing one post.

    So I did tip #3 and thought of a more fun way of doing it. I suddenly had an idea to do an audio blog. It took me all of 30 minutes to record the post, publish it on the blog and send it to my list. It was so easy and fun, I’m really considering doing more of it.

    Thank you for making this video, your authenticity is inspiring. :)

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      GO JAMIE!

      That’s absolutely fantastic that you already took SERIOUS action on this one. Now you’ve inspired ME! (To write nearly every sentence in this reply with exclamation points!)

      Let us know how your readers like being listeners. You are amazing!

  4. Teri Smart

    Oh my goodness Nikki you’re so cute! This is so natural for you and of course we want to see more of your video blogs :)

    To pick one thing is “hard” because being a person who thinks too much into every little detail, I’ve realized I’m the one making it so hard for myself! But, if I had to pick one thing it would be coming up with my offers and pricing.. That’s been super hard for me but I think I’m over that little hill and onto the next thing!

    Loved the video, love your blogs, and everything you do!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Teri, do you know how much I appreciate you for this crazy support you offer?! Seriously, dude. You’re fantastic.

      AND over-thinking is an epidemic in entrepreneurship as far as I can see. First step is admitting you have a problem ;)

      I was tempted to get stuck on pricing and packaging. I’m going against the rules by only having ONE paid offer at the moment, but it’s working just fine right now.

      Just pick something as your “special starting rate” and GO – there are people out there who are ready to get some incredible value from your services!

      1. Teri

        Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. Tami

    Hey Nikki! Love the video!! Great job! Your audio and video were just a hair off but i think that might have been because I was watching it on my phone. Yes, that’s right – I woke up and watched it immediately while still lying in bed! :) If that’s not testament I don’t know what is.

    Have you considered a blog editorial calendar? It really helps! I too have a hard time with blogging weekly and having the calendar, even if I don’t stick to it completely, really takes a load off. It makes you feel like you DO have time to share all of the wonderful ideas pouring out of your head – just that you don’t have to share them all at once. lol. :)

    Looking forward to your course in the future! I know there’s so much to learn from you! :)

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Thank you, beautiful Tami!

      1. I’m honored you watched the video while still in bed. It was lovely to snuggle with you.

      2. The audio and video sync okay when I watch it, so not sure what’ that’s about, but thanks for watching it anyway!!

      3. I actually started with an ed calendar, but it made me feel like I was in a box. I wanted flexibility to write about whatever felt fun and relevant for that particular week. Howev, now that I’m realizing how each week brings up 1,000,004 ideas anyway, it may be time to revisit the ol’ spreadsheet.

      Thanks again for taking time to share your input!

  6. Christi

    Thanks Nikki! Fabulous idea about making the blog posting more fun with a video. LOVED it!

    The hardest part for me is to just get started when I need to be ‘out there’, whether that is an email, blog post, video, anything. I lean on the introversion side and require continual pushes outside of my comfort zone to move beyond the feeling of exposing myself. When I shift my focus to serving my clients, it helps, but it’s a dance, like a fear cha-cha-cha, I do every time and can be exhausting.

    Thanks for underscoring the point about it not being easy – it helps to know others experience some struggle, too, just getting things out, even when it comes naturally.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Christi – you need to write a blog post about the fear cha-cha-cha then come share the link with me. That is a FANTASTIC concept!

      Taking the focus off of YOU and putting it on the people you hope to serve is the best remedy I’ve found. If it weren’t for YOU, I wouldn’t hold my booty to the flame each week to get this stuff done and out there!

      Thanks for watching and being open about your hardest part. You can do eet!

  7. Marsha from


    Thanks for showing that even a Communication WIZARD like you struggles with this one thing!!

    The hardest thing for me is writing sales copy, which is exactly what I have to do this week for my first offering….

    I’ve decided that the best way to deal with it is just to write ANYTHING – don’t stress out about making it perfect first time around. Just WRITE the thing, then I can at least have something to work on.

    LOVED the video! You’re so easy to watch and listen to :)

    Thanks for the inspiration – I needed it today!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Thank you, friend – so glad you liked it!

      You’re totally right. The best way to start is just to write ANYTHING. Get it out there, and you’ll probably be surprised by how amazing it is ;)

      (PLUS – as a dream client, you know I’ve always got your back with VIP TLC when you need it!)

  8. Loretta

    Nicely Done! The vlog was short and sweet and gave me even more of a sense of your personality than your writing (which is very personable by the way). One tip, and it’s minor: I was really distracted by that thing on the wall behind your head. If you continue to do blog posts and I hope you do, try keeping the camera level with your face so that you aren’t looking down at the screen and make sure there’s nothing distracting behind you.

    My most difficult part: Honestly, it’s just starting. I’ve been a full time independent contractor at large companies for over 2 years, and freelancing “on the side” with the clients that I want to be working with but can’t pay the bills with yet. I haven’t made that leap yet into the merky waters of “on-my-own” yet. A lot of that is because I’m not actively looking for clients and am not building relationships with them. Most of them are one and done type clients and my biggest challenge over the next year will be to grow my client base and keep them coming back so that I CAN take the leap and say Sayonara to my “day job”.

    I honestly know i cant ditch this part, can’t really deligate it.. so i’ll have to find a way to make it fun. :)

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Ha! Thanks, Loretta. I totally agree.

      That’s the thermostat for the upstairs in my parents’ house – and believe it or not, any other angle in that room would’ve had even more distractions in the back! (Although bouncing balls, playhouses, and old family photos are more undoubtedly more fun than thermostats…)

      And here’s an unsolicited client relationship tip:

      Even if you only work with your clients once, you can still create a fun and engaged community to stay in touch! I created a private FB group that I call my “Island of Dream Clients” to do just that. It has been a fabulously fun way to keep in touch and connect them with each other.

      Let us know what you come up with!

      1. Fon

        Thanks for this idea Nikki. I do a lot of one and done work as The Emergency Coach and I think having a private fb group is a great way to stay connected to those clients and add value to my offering as well!

  9. Tonia

    Aloha Nikki!

    I’m here in Regina (in the prairies) to play Maid of Honour (that’s how us Canadians say honor) at my sister’s wedding. tomorrow. I’m taking some time for myself in my hotel room before I have to put on that hat.

    I loved the vid. I could watch / listen / read your goodness for hours.

    My current challenge is list building. I’m letting it happen VERY organically (read: I’m not working on it at all).

    But what I am doing is writing consistently for the first time in forever, and for me that was a super good first step of which I am proud, and enjoying.

    So, the audience is next. That will be my focus when I’m back from this trip.

    Then the offers. That will be the next, next thing.

    Thanks lovely!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Well I’m *honored* you took spent of your down time with me today, Tonia! And thank you so much for the (maple syrupy) sweet words. Please tell your sister (and almost-bro-in-law) congrats for me :)

      And even though my list sprouted quite quickly, I know what you mean about the “organic” list-building. I’m excited to see what happens when I put some real elbow grease behind it!

      When you’re ready to put conscious effort into it, there’s no better resource than Jenny Shih’s “Get Your First 1000 Subscribers.” I’ve barely dipped into it (used tips to beef up my freebie before I shared it with y’all), and it’s already been crazy helpful.

      Couldn’t wait to join the party as an affiliate because I knew I’d want to share it with my corner of the digi-world! (Here’s the link >>

  10. Janelle Page

    Such a clever headline! So glad to know I’m not the only one who has the “expanding topic” dilemma.

    I echo the sentiments of others here when I say it was refreshing to learn that blog posts take you awhile as well.

    I thought of a few things I could ditch. I wish there were more I could delegate. And there are always ways to make things more fun. Thanks for a fresh reminder.
    Have a great weekend.

    Janelle Page
    The Self-Improvement Trainer
    Visit for your free copy of “The Morning Self-Improvement Secret”

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      I was SO scared to publish it, Janelle! Seriously. I almost changed it at least three times. But both business and breastfeeding have been a big part of my life lately – so why not?! ;)

      “Expanding topic dilemma” is exactly IT!! It’s like a bubbly chemistry experiment gone wrong. I feel you, sister.

      I’m excited to hear that you’ll be ditching the fluff and making life more fun. Keep me posted!

  11. Silvia Bianco

    Hey Nikki, You got me at hello.

    Seriously, from the moment you opened your mouth it felt like I was simply having a helpful, intimate chat with a friend…so glad you didn’t do a dance before you started talking. Love the authenticity of how you conveyed this… which allowed us to easily overlook certain tech aspects that we know will improve over time.

    And of course you’ve inspired me. I’ve been avoiding doing video for years – mainly because I no longer have my big fancy kitchen or the tech toys/know-how. But I’ve had the idea to do some of my blog posts from the kitchen table for a long time. That’s where so many of us solve our problems and have the heart-to hearts with family members and close friends. Don’t know if I’ll jump on this tomorrow since I’ve been doing 2 blog posts a weeks – many of which involve cooking and photographing new dishes for my blog and for Mind Body Green who I’ve been privileged to be consistently writing for.

    But what I do know is that you’ve shown me how easy – not requiring any high tech hot shots – and simply sincere it can be. Brava Nikki!!!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Oh Silvia – THANK YOU for taking time to leave such a sweet and “simply sincere” comment!

      So happy to have you in my world. And I can’t wait to see these kitchen table chats. You’ve got a FABULOUS idea there!

  12. Emily

    Love this! I totally feel you! Thank you so sharing your tips!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Thank you for the thank you, Emily! Happy to share.

  13. Fon James

    Okay seriously Nikki, my H-town posse writing sister who I can’t wait to meet one day, you hit the nail on the head with this blog! I get so much resistance when it comes to writing my blog posts! And I am a WRITER!!! (GASP). Yeah, a real writer who won’t just sit down already and write! Loved the video!! You and Jenny Shih are on it with your raw videos that have made the biggest impact! So, I will make it fun because I can’t ditch it (been doing that too much already), and delegating is not an option.
    And a funny story that I know you will love given your title.
    When I was working with another coach prior to bschool, I kept telling her that I didn’t have “time” to write blog post for my previous business. I was working full-time and had a fairly new baby that I was…wait for it….breastfeeding! We looked at my schedule to see if there were pockets of time for me to write and it hit me. I was pumping milk at work several times a day for 15-20 minutes per pumping session. So I told my coach that I would use that time to write my first 5 blog posts for my empty site at the time and send them to her at the end of the week! IT WORKED! I was pumping and writing…at the same damn time! LOL! My coach was beyond impressed that I got it done and my blog posts were actually great reads! Clearly I am not breastfeeding anymore, but what I can take away from that time (preaching to myself right now), is that I only need to give myself a short time to complete the task. And having someone(s) hold me accountable (my audience expecting it because they clearly aren’t right now) gives me the motivation I need to get-er done! P.S. This is the most I have written in weeks!!! Thanks Nikki for the push. #writerswrite #painterspaint #speakersspeak #coachescoach Sorry for the hashtag maddness! LOL!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown


      Seriously we’ve GOT to meet while I’m in town!!! And I have definitely been known to bust out my laptop while pumping, mama. You gotta do what you gotta do!

      Funny thing is that even though BF was HARRRD at the beginning, we’re just now wrapping it up almost two years later. I pushed through the tough phases and it *became* easy over time. There’s the lesson!

      Thanks for being such a fun energy. I greatly appreciate that about you :)

      Excited to hear how you make YOUR blog posts fun. Come back and share!

  14. Ashlee Thurlow

    I love this Nikki! I think my hardest thing ever with any hard part in my biz is to ‘ditch it’! I mean…I end up procrastinating so badly that I do usually ditch it, at least sometimes, but I always feel so bad about it. The worst thing used to be social media. I didn’t really know what to say and what to post, etc. So I used some awesome tools like Buffer and hootsuite and read up on some great strategies and then I got my intern/assistant to help me schedule them and do the bulk of the heavy lifting! It’s been awesome and it’s only been about a week! Now I need to tackle batch writing blog posts and guest posts…gulp! That’s the big one! I’m going to make it more fun by taking my computer outside (sans internet and distractions!) and start writing and brainstorming in the sunshine! :) Thanks Nikki!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      High-five, Ashlee!

      Totally thought of you when I said the “outside” part – reminded me of your video a few weeks back! And congrats on the intern/assistant. You’re doing all the right stuff, missy. So excited for you!

  15. Janet

    Hi Nikki! Love it!! Thanks for the inspiration! That’s a nice reminder that things can’t always be easy for me and it’s not that easy for everyone else either! I beat myself up on a daily basis for not finishing my website, (#1 – which I’ll have to find a way to make it more fun and quit procrastinating) finishing all the online classes I’ve signed up for and a million other things. The main reason I haven’t been able to devote to #1 is I’ve been soooo blessed with lots of lovely clients and so busy with their work that I feel like I don’t have a enough time. Awesome job on the video – cute, fun, interesting and informative! :-)

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Thanks so much, Janet – and too many clients….what a WONDERFUL problem to have, right?!

      I totally get that. It was so strange to me to that I had “too many clients” before I even had my site up. Filling out the site copy really felt like more of a formality than anything, but it was a relief when it was finally UP and I had all this info in ONE spot.

      You can do it!!

  16. Janet Dudley

    Love, love the video! You’re a natural and I always appreciate the concrete, “do this” advice and help you give!

    I stepped out of my comfort zone and did my first webinar last week…and it was super fun! I had a lot of the parents of my clients on the call and I’ve gotten nothing but great feedback, woot! I struggle with blog posts too but love the idea of vlog…I think I’d get bogged down in “Oh is my hair okay? Oh that angle looks awful!” but really no one is judging that stuff anyway (I hope!).

    I echo Marsha’s struggle…writing sales copy. I’m developing my first online offering that will support parents in helping their kids socially and I have SO much anxiety about writing sales copy and then actually using that script to try and sell my product. I don’t know why…I talk to potential clients on the phone all the time and have no issue describing what I do, what makes me different and then scheduling a consult. I guess I still associate “sales” with sneaky car salesmen or something!

    Keep the vlogs, always excited to hear what you have to say!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      And I appreciate your appreciation, Janet!

      Congrats on the fantastic first webinar. So exciting!

      And no – don’t worry about your hair. Pretend you’re meeting a friend for lunch – you wouldn’t fuss TOO much because she loves you as you are! Your clients and readers do too :)

      As for sales copy, I’ll always go back to my idea of “sincerely selfless selling.” When you truly believe you’re doing them a FAVOR by offering them this service, it’s selfish of you NOT to share it.

      I *know* what you’re doing is life-changing, lady. And your clients do too. All you’ve gotta do is let them know how you can help. They’ll decide from there!

  17. Ashley Kolesar

    Nikki, you are so funny – I couldn’t not laugh at the very end with your worlds longest sign-off! For the record, it didn’t seem too long to me. It sounded appreciative :)

    I love the breastfeeding analogy. You’re so right! Definitely keeping that in mind.

    The video blog in general was awesome! Thanks for your directional words!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Ha! Well seriously, dude. It was SO. LONG. I tried to see if there was a natural pause to cut it, but I kept going on, and on, and on…. :P I really wanted to do this baby in one take, so I left it. Lesson learned. Glad you giggled :)

  18. Jason

    Nice work adding the video. I find I am too busy to read all the different blogs and emails but that I can listen while doing something else. So keep doing the videos. Well minus the worlds longest sign off. :)

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Bahaha – touché, Jason! You got it, bud. Thanks for listening!

      1. Jason


  19. Ashley

    Nikki, great first video! I totally get how you feel when you watched the end and thought it was too long … since I made some videos myself this week. There’s something about seeing yourself on camera that makes you criticize all of your own little quirks, and the way you say things. It didn’t seem that long to me, but you were beating yourself up about it. No worries, my friend!

    A few months ago, when my son was about 6 months old, I had to do my quarterly tax remittance. I HATE doing that stuff, so I farmed it off to a great neighbour who happens to have a bookkeeping business. Best. decision. ever. Seriously.

    Next is hiring a VA in early 2014 … to do the blog posty stuff that takes forever, like making it look pretty (I’ll always do the writing :-)

    Thanks for the lovely few minutes on video!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      You’re such a smarty, Ashley. Thanks for sharing!

      Finding a trusty and bright accountant is next on my big girl business list – and for me, every part of blog posty stuff takes forever. Gotta fix that!

  20. Allison

    Hi Nikki! You hit it, spot on. Blogging for me is the hardest thing also. I do a weekly blog/newsletter, so creating a combination of an engaging post, along with a few tips, and of course new product updates can be challenging, and hard to hone in on the topic. I put it off…usually until Saturday night (or Sunday morning) w/ my post going out Sunday night. I know I need to give myself more time- to better it before it goes out. I can’t ditch it, it is important to my business- but I think I can find ways to make it more fun! And also- maybe break up the newsletter into little chunks rather than doing it all at once. Thanks for the tips, I enjoy following you :)

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      I *know* you can find more ways to make it fun, lady. I’m right there with you!

      Thanks for sharing your “stuff” :)

  21. Nina

    Love your message and your sweet voice, Nikki! I definitely think you should do more vblogs and you are inspiring me to post more personal videos like this!!

    You are rocking it. <3

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      YOU are rocking it, Nina! Thanks for this.

      Can’t wait to see more of your videos :)

  22. Susan

    Love your posts, Nikki! Loved this video:)
    Adore your energy and friendly self.

    I am in the beginnings of creating a new biz (after …ahem… decades in another field) and the hardest thing for me is getting used to are the little fears that inhabit my thoughts and body each day as I take a steps forward.
    It’s especially weird that these little fears walk along holding hands with the great swaths of excitement.

    I saw Jenny’s video this week and was inspired by it as well, as I am by yours. Simple.
    I’m inspired!
    Thank you.

    1. Susan

      sometimes those little fears block my eyes from typos…oops!

    2. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Thanks for this, Susan. Do you know how much I appreciate your encouraging spirit? :)

      Your light shines brightly, lady – those sneaky little fears don’t stand a CHANCE!

  23. Kim

    You’re right. Some things don’t come as easy as we think they should. I think when you give up trying to control the outcomes – it sets you free. Amazing video. Loved it!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      YES, Kim! (And thank you :))

      I’ve got a “when it pays to be a control freak (and when it doesn’t)” post up my sleeve to discuss exactly that!

  24. Nicole Lopez

    Love, Love, LOVE the video blog. My biggest (I’ll openly admit I have two) struggles are-
    1) Time management- I find myself up all hours of the night being constantly available to work, or get a head start on the next day’s tasks. I find myself having such a large work load that I sacrifice family time for “business” time.
    2) Paperwork! I LOATHE paperwork. Real estate revolves around it and there is no way around it. In a year or so- I may be financially well off enough to hire someone to handle transaction paperwork, but for now I just have to suck it up! :)
    Thanks for the tips Nikki!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Oh good gracious YES there is more than one hard thing! Ha! For sure.

      Time management is huge. Some days I work too much, and some days I maaay play too much. Debatable.

      The goal for me (which is way easier said than done) is to be present, no matter which I’m doing. It’s a minute-by-minute effort!!

  25. Rhonda

    Loved your video, great job! It is nice to change it up. I loved what you said about struggling with blog posts. I’ve just started a blog and I have the same difficulty staying with one idea and not being strayed away from my original topic. I think finding ways to make it more interesting and fun is a good idea, I plan on trying it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Thanks, Rhonda! Now I feel the need to write a blog post with specific ideas to tackle this “expanding topic dilemma” mentioned in a comment above ;)

      ON IT!

  26. Veronica Lopez

    Hi, Nikki, your first vlog is a success. Your sincerity is always evident in your writing, but with the vlog it’s like I’m meeting up with a thoughtful friend. So…great job bud!
    Stop crumpling up your first drafts and practicing your free throws… I am sure there are little nuggets of greatness in those scraps. To you those scraps aren’t blog worthy, but to the rest of us they probably have insights we need.
    My stumbling block is a product I am creating which requires the simplification of technical math objectives to statements a child can understand. It is something I must do and can’t delegate. I’ll start to brainstorm about ways to make it fun.
    I am so appreciative of your time and support.
    Thanks Bunches!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Well thank YOU, bud! :) For taking time to comment *and* for doing the incredibly important work that you do.

      Rest assured the crumpled up ideas are all locked safely in the idea bank…which, at this rate, should last us til about 2035.

  27. Jennifer

    You have such a natural on-camera presence–I see some TV show appearances in your future (besides the appearance you already told us a bit about that’s coming this fall)! I hope you’ll keep doing videos. I also hope you keep writing blog posts, too. Since you also do so much work helping entrepreneurs express themselves in writing, I enjoy reading your writing on your website.

    My hardest thing is setting aside time to work on my (fledgling) business. And it’s so strange because I love it so much! Life can just take over, though. I just have to occasionally bribe/reward myself with dark chocolate (For me, that’s definitely in the “make it fun” category). ;)

    Thanks for your insights, Nikki! Keep up the good work :)

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Ha! Still trying to make myself prefer dark chocolate, Jennifer :)

      Thank you for the kind words! I’ll definitely incorporate text AND video moving forward, as I aim to help y’all with both. (They’re more related than most folks realize!)

      Cheering for you and your fledgling business. Keep me posted!

  28. Yemima

    This is exactly where I find myself at this moment and totally understand. I also struggle with my weekly newsletter and I’m gonna definitely try to make it more fun! Thank you for keeping it simple!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Thank you for the thank you, Yemima! Let me know how it goes :)

  29. Joanna Painter

    Love the vlog. I often struggle for time but like to listen as I drive to inspirational and educational things so this is awesome for me. Love that you share the challenges with writing a blog even though this is your area of expertise, I am getting ready to start writing some blogs but my barrier is the written so I am going to try vlogs as I think things come out better when I am just talking.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Perfect, Joanna! You might even find that organizing your thoughts in video helps you organize them in writing too.

      And I totally hear you on the audio-learning. Hands-free learning can’t be beat!

  30. Ella

    Good stuff – and well put! Thank you for sharing!
    (Very useful also when you write a onlinecourse or anything else for that matter!)

  31. Melanie

    Great video, Nikki!

    I have two things that I have been struggling with.
    I took the whole summer off from blogging (four kidlets at home) and I’m reviving a weekly posting this week :)

    Also, as a nutritional therapy practitioner, who is somewhat new to my state, I have been really reticent to do local classes. One class that I did on digestion took SO much time to prepare, make slides for, etc. It was recently suggested to me that I just make it fun by having a soup cook-up, and an unprepared Q & A that is centered around eating and having a good time…that sounds like a lot more fun, and more doable to me.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Yes, Melanie! Do it in the most “Melanie-y” way you can. That’s the blessing of having your own business. You make the rules. You get to choose what you do and how you do it – so why not make it FUN!?

      Excited to hear about what you come up with :)

  32. Chivon

    LOVE this blog Nikki! Even though I’m a writer as well I struggle with creating my blogs sometimes too. This week I decided to do more videos as well so I love your tips. You’ve have a great video presence so you definitely should do more!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Ahh thanks, Chivon! Greatly appreciate it. It has been a wild struggle to narrow down these topics lately, but I’m up for the challenge. I know a big lesson is coming from all this!

      Look forward to your videos :)

  33. Deirdre

    Nikki, I love your honesty in this video.

    Hearing about the struggles of other entrepreneurs has to be one of the most inspirational things for me. I often times I assume that blogging and posting social content comes so easily for others, so I feel inept when it takes me a long time to finish something.

    Again, thanks for sharing. This was so helpful for me!

    I want to work with you in the near future. I hope that you are able to fit me into your busy schedule! :-)

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Waaaay delayed response here, Deirdre, but thank you for this!

      And even several months later – writing still takes me a long time :)

      1. Deirdre

        Better late than never! :-)

  34. Jessica Zelenko-Barrier

    So cute! Thanks for sharing this first video with us again. Great to be learning from your process. I want to make selling and getting people to buy my coaching programs more fun. Watching this video struck a cord with me. Lately, I’ve been working so hard and focused on results so much that I’ve been forgetting to infuse my business with the fun and cheekiness that got it all started. My career coaching business is called Becoming a Badass after all! If it’s not fun, something is wrong! Thanks for being awesome, Nikki!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Ha! YES, Jessica.

      So easy to slip into reeeally boring habits and routine. Fun takes effort, but it’s always worth it :)

  35. ivanne

    Loved it as much as your official videos. I don’t really care about the setting…it’s the content who matters – and your content is a killer.
    You are so real Nikki I want to hug you at the end – it’s like a good book we never want to end as it is so enjoyable. Same with you. Your company + content is a pure joy.
    Thank you for sharing your gift.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      And now I want to hug YOU, Ivanne!

      Seriously, what a lovely thing to say. Greatly appreciated.

      (And SO happy to share.)

  36. Deanne

    So perfect, loved how simple and to the point intimate this video gets down to the point. The thing I need to do is write. I must make it more fun. Not sure how to yet but I know it will come through. This post really inspired thanks Nikki

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      I hear you, Deanne!

      Setting timers, coming up with “rewards” for time spent or words written, setting up a beautiful workspace…all some ideas worth trying.

      Thanks for joining the conversation :)

  37. Sarah

    Great video!! I’m working on getting my online scheduler set up and running smooth like butter, but I kinda hate working on it, because it’s not easy…ha! I will work on making it more fun. I have to do it because I realize the more time I put into it, the more it will serve me. Thanks Nikki!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      What kind of scheduler are you using, Sarah? I used TimeTrade for my 1/1s last year and it was quick and easy peasy.

      (BUT it was reeeally simple since I only had one hour sessions and only so many openings a few days per week…can get more complicated when you’ve got more going on!)

  38. Deb

    I loved you first video! As with everything you do, it was honest, straight forward, from your heart and full of great information!!

    It was such a great message to remember that just because something comes naturally, it isn’t always easy. You always make it look easy!! I need to ask myself the ditch it or delegate question a lot more and then actually do it!! Very inspiring!! Looking forward to your next video and course!!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Thank you so much, Deb!

      Natural? YES. Easy. Uh uh. (Although some days are easier than others, for sure.)

      I have been delegating a LOT more this year, and it’s lovely. For real. So valuable and freeing. Highly recommend it!

  39. Ragnhild

    Your first videoblog? Whow! You’re a natural talent! I’d love to see more video blogs from you in the near future <3
    My hardest thing? To set a price on my work, and then ask for it! I tend to end up working a lot for free…. And that's no business;) So that's my "saboteur" ;)
    Looking forward hearing more from you – more videoblogs! :-D

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Thank you, Ragnhild!

      You’re absolutely right. Come back with an update when you’ve got that paid business thing going ;)

  40. Tamara

    Love this ‘Just because it’s natural, doesn’t mean it’s easy’. I’m about to ween my first son in a month after a year of nursing him and it’s been one of the hardest commitments I’ve made. I’ve been very dedicated to post once a week on my blog and have stuck with it. The hardest thing is getting the focused time I need to write a really good piece. I’m not going to delegate the writing, but I am going to delegate the childcare one night a week to my husband, go to a coffee shop and write. I believe my quality will be better and I can get it done faster!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      BRILLIANT idea, Tamara (and Tamara’s husband). Teamwork makes the dream work ;)

      Wishing you well with the weaning AND the writing!

  41. Linda

    I like your videos. you are adorable to watch and listen to. I do my best to just do my best and not get hung up if something is hard. Everything is new to me right now, website design, branding, video, etc. but taken step by step, faith that I can learn and staying with my excitement of learning, it’s all good. not easy, but good!

  42. Alina

    Oh, thank you for this Nikki.
    Breastfeeding was the hardest thing i had to do in my life. Nothing even compares. Comparing to that my business is a walk in the park :) Thank you once again for sharing this video. I appreciate your thoughts and your perspective so much.
    PS your first video is amazing. Love watching you on the screen. You are so gentle, kind and warm. My kind of human on this planet :). Thank you.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Thank you so much for the lovely words, Alina. I hear you!

      When my little guy was born, I didn’t see how I could make it a week, a month, a year…but eventually we figured it out and had a great run for way longer than I’d EVER imagined.

      There’s definitely a weird biz parallel there :)

  43. Andrea Martins

    Nikki, this is soooooooooooooo true. Thanks for resending the link in the recent email. Timeless advice.

  44. Kathryn Moothouse

    I just loved your video blog. I definitely struggle with writing blog posts because I am trying to get comfortable with writing “like me”. Being a investment management and marketing grad i have written so many business plans and marketing plans and economic essays which have definitely influenced my writing style. It is now time to bring back the “me” into my writing. I am so encouraged by your video and i definitely think the trying a video blog would be a great idea to think outside the box (because my family literally tell me i talk non stop all the time – so maybe a video or podcast would be a great outlet haha) I also really love that you say “it doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be shared”. Thanks for sharing!

  45. Roxanne

    Love the simple message in this video (and nice job for your first one!) I struggle with posing weekly too, so your reminder from the past is still so timely! So as you’ve shared it again here in 2016, this is likely the newest comment to an old post in history :)

    Thank you for digging it up and sharing – I just recently ‘discovered’ you and love your engaging and approachable style.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Thanks so much for the kind words, Roxanne! Glad this oldie was a goodie for you :)

  46. Michelle

    Hi Nikki, I love this too! I like how causal you are in all that you do. I probably wouldn’t have noticed the thermostat in the back except you mentioned it! LOL I love the delegating topic. I did that last night. I hired a Designer because it was so overwhelming to me. I feel so much relief now.

    Thank you for sharing this vlog!! <3

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      ha! Thanks, Michelle – and CONGRATS on delegating, dude. It’s not easy at first, but once you start, it’s addicting :)

  47. Kassie

    Hi Nikki, thanks so much for resurrecting this video! It resonated with me on a couple of levels. First, the breastfeeding analogy — I’m a new Mom a week into it :) And second, the weekly blog post. I’m just starting out and my #1 priority is building content on my site. I have a million topic ideas, but like you have a hard time really focusing in on a topic. I feel like once I dive into a topic, I have to fully address every single related topic and then it feels like I’m in college writing a research paper. On top of that, writing takes me a lot of time because I sit there and perfect it. Since this is something I have to do myself, I’m going to try and make it more fun by not worrying about if it’s perfect or not and focusing on hitting publish each week. In the future, I’ll head to the local coffee shop to write it, but for now will find some dedicated time at home while the little sleeps.

    Thanks again!

    1. Kimberly

      Congratulations on your new bundle of joy & welcome to the magnificent world of Motherhood!! xo

      1. Nikki Elledge Brown

        Thank you! We’ve got a 4.5 year old, so our new little guy is playing the role of baby bro – a whole new level of mama life! ;)

    2. Nikki Elledge Brown

      1. CONGRATS on the newbie, Kassie! Hope y’all are doing well over there :)
      2. Ew that sounds the opposite of fun. (I waited to write MOST of my papers for grad school till the final week, resisting them alllll semester. Why do we do that to ourselves??)
      3. Have you seen this post? Will be perfect for you! (No pun intended.)

  48. Kimberly

    Just like you, the hardest thing for me is weekly blog posts! I love to write, but it always opens up a bajillion other things I want to add in or off topic side notes that lead me in a totally different direction. Gotta make that more fun, for my own sanity. I have started doing weekly videos to change it up, which has helped.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Yes! Batching videos will be the answer. Did eight in one day last summer and it was FAB. Once I’m able to create the energy for it again, that’s my plan :)

  49. Jen

    Nikki – thanks so much for this video! I’ve decided that March is my month of being visible, and I admire and appreciate that you vlogged instead of wrote this time! I think my biggest challenge in building my business is getting too wrapped up in the details. I have So. Many. Ideas. and I just get caught up in the circular hamster wheel of “I should do this, no, I should create this first, wait, but then I need to change this, oh, but should I post all about it on Social Media first??? etc. etc. etc.)

    Anyway – I appreciate how simple you kept your video and concepts. My nature definitely leans towards over-achieving, but keeping it simple is the best guideline. Have a wonderful day!

  50. Stephanie

    As a second time mom myself (this past October) I never made the comparison to breastfeeding BUT it’s hilariously true. Once you said that I thought “she’s absolutely right”. It gave me a new thought to push through the hard stuff. I have trouble with my weekly blog and I’d like to blog more than I do. I’m going to find a way to make it more fun. Thanks for the tips!

  51. Amanda

    OMG! YES! I struggle with my weekly blog post. I start feeling stressed and anxious and like I need to have MORE content than I do, to compete with the others out there. The thoughts snowball and then I’m an anxious stress ball. I suck at consistency with weekly posting. And I need so much help with COPY! I have a food site so I have to have recipes, that is what people want. But I have NO problem with my weekly FB Live posts! Those are SO easy and fun. And your analogy about breastfeeding and business is SOOOOO true! :)

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