Why Dream Clients Matter

I’m sure I’m not the first to use the term “dream clients,” but as you can see, I like to use it. A lot.

I use it a lot because the notion of “right people” is central to the work I do with my own right people.

(When working 1:1, I created an entire page profiling my own favorite clients to prove how important that clarity is.)

Dream clients are a pretty big deal to me, and they should be a pretty big deal to you too.

Before you write another word, let me tell you why.

Life’s more fun when you’re in good company. Business is too.

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Life is precious. And I bet that like me, you want to spend as much of it as possible with the people you love.

That means that any time you spend away from your family needs to be well worth the return on investment – not just financially, but energetically.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

When you work with people you want to work with, it doesn’t feel like work. It feels like fun. For everyone. And that is sweet.

Dream clients love to work with you, and you love to work with them. They’re easy to get along with, they’re thrilled with the value you provide, and they keep coming back for more. (They even refer their friends and write great testimonials!)

In short, dream clients make your business (and ultimately your life) both more fun and more profitable.


You’re the boss, baby.

As an entrepreneur, you get to be the boss. You don’t just get to pick pantsuit vs. pajama pants.

You get to pick your clients.

One of the first things I do when working with a new client is to ask her who she loves to work with.

Quite often I hear something like, “Well I’m currently working with X, but I’d really like to work with Y.” (She may be transitioning in her business – either from one focus to another, or from one particular type of client to another.)

“Perfect!” I say, “Let’s go for Y!”

You see, there’s no legit reason to create copy for people who are NOT your ideal clients.

Sure, if you’re making a shift from plumbing to salsa dancing, you may want to give a little explanation.

During the transition (especially if you’re still offering those services to make ends meet), you can personally speak with the X clients to let them know your new direction. But they don’t need to be the focus of your website.

Decide who you want to work with, and speak to them. (They’ll love it.)

The right words make all the difference.

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Every time I say this I feel like I’m pushing the Law of Attraction, but I mean it so literally:

When it comes to dream clients, you’ll attract whatever you put out there. 

There’s so much power behind the words we choose.

Sure, we all have unique frames of reference (for example, the word “dog” conjures up a distinct image for each of us).

But behind every word is a generally agreed upon, implied meaning (or several).

As a true word nerd, I love to explore those unspoken meanings.

When helping my dream clients describe their own dream clients, we put a lot of emphasis on adjectives.

“Modern” has a slightly different edge than “professional.” “Young” limits a group that could otherwise be described as “feisty.” “Confident” weeds out anyone who may be dealing with serious insecurity. “Driven” implies intrinsic motivation – people ready to move forward.

Each word you use to describe your ideal clients will speak to a slightly different group of people.

To drive the point home, I’d like to present my fave, most random example:

If you say you help “professional bowlers,” guess who’s going to want to work with you?

That’s right! Professional bowlers. 

This is your business. You get to choose who you work with.

Choose wisely.

The Pep Talk

Deciding who you want to work with is a big deal. It’s actually game-changing.

It can be scary to put yourself out there and OWN it. Publicly proclaiming who you want to work with is a bit like asking someone out on a date. What if she says no?!

But you’re a boss. You’re THE boss. So I encourage you to squash that hypothetical hater in your brain and instead welcome the cool guy. The cool guy asks, “What if she says YES?!”

Friend. She’s going to say yes.

The Action Step

Let’s practice. (I mean seriously. I love talking about dream clients!)

Here in the comments, tell me:
How would you best describe your dream clients – the people you most love to work with?
How (and where) do you incorporate that into your copy?

On that note: If you’d love some HELP reaching your dreamies, click here. I’ve got you covered.



  1. Cathy Cochrane

    My dream client is a modern woman who wants to be relieved of her health issues, and free from the burden of trying to figure it out for herself. She has a sense that there’s more to it than good food and exercise, so she needs guidance to explore the deeper workings at play.

    As I start to spread my wings online, I’m still feeling out the words and ways of writing for her. I’m not worried: she’s already shown up in a couple of manifestations BEFORE I’ve even got my new site out there!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Wahoo, Cathy! Imagine how many more will be SO happy to find you :)

  2. Victoria Montemayor

    Great post!

    My ideal clients are driven, and out of ideas. They tend to be organized (or at least appear that way to their clients), have been in business 1-3 years, and might not know strategically where to focus next. They like to be told what to do – because all the options they see or have found can be overwhelming and maybe a little paralyzing. They give straight feedback – they’ll openly say if something won’t work for them. They are generous – with themselves & their friends, with their clients, and with me (they like to give back all over the place).

    And… I don’t know much else about them. Those are the people I personally like to work with. It was enlightening to try writing about them here. I’ll go add this copy to my profile about them!

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Ha! Love the “at least appear that way to their clients” part ;)

      Sounds great, Victoria!

  3. Juliana

    This is a good one. I’m going to get clear, right here:)

    My dream clients are rebels, they don’t take conventional wisdom at face value. They’re strong, independent women in their 30s. They question everything, including and especially “experts”. They check in consciously to see if what’s being said to them fits with their visceral sense. They’ve Tried to go conventional routes, and it doesn’t work for them. They have a keen eye for bull shit, but they’ve been battling with “being wrong” their whole lives. They want to take an active role in making the world a better place, in a flip it all on it’s head sort of way. They’re progressive, and sensitive and need a way to get past resistance and feeling energetically bombarded. They’re seekers. They know they’re powerful, but they don’t quiet know how to be in their power. They’re releasing age old wounds and awakening to new worlds. They know they’re not crazy, but then they wonder….
    And they are dying to connect with like minded comrades because all to often they feel all alone in a mad world. They peacemakers who are uncomfortable with their anger but need to find a healthy expression because it gets bottled and repressed and heavy. They crave simplicity and connectedness.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      I think I need to befriend some of your dream clients, Juliana. Sounds like they bring some SPICE to the table!

  4. Mich

    Hi, Nikki! I’ve never done this exercise before, as I am still in the process of establishing this online biz thing, so this really helps. So here’s what I came up with: My dream clients are busy moms who are either a) overwhelmed with their situations; or b) who are seeking for something more than what they are going through. They are either stressed or just getting by. They are longing to be uplifted, longing for some clarity and light along their paths. Amid all that they’re going through, they want peace, joy and life. They want to thrive instead of just survive, but they don’t know how. They are the ones who acknowledge that they can’t do it on their own, and are humble to accept that they need God in their lives.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Sorry I’m just now seeing this one, Mich! How did this dream client profile work out for you?? Spill it :)

  5. Aradia

    (*First things first. This description has seriously evolved. Moments ago it was longer, but I wanted to focus on honing it down without being too stereotypical. Bringing focus to the feeling of this woman.)

    She resonates with a free-spirit of youthfulness, with an eclectic sense of style. Placing value more on quality and connection to the handmade that truly reflects her personal style. Art to her is not limited to decorations, her sense of style is an artistic expression of Self. She is spiritual, and believes in the sacredness of her body and all things around her. She’s mindful with what she allows in her energetic sphere on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She invests in what matters to her, for those who matter to her. When she has a particular “eye” and loves something, she LOVES it & has to have it. Being attuned to the world around her on a deeper level she is sensitive to the energy of things to which she is exposed. She is conscious of the “feeling” certain items have and is focused on bringing good, positive, & supportive energy into her life.

    How & Where…I try in my descriptions of my products. There is a touch of whimsy. I use quotes in all of my listings relating to the feeling/theme of the piece. I also *try* to tell a story, share something a little personal about the piece and how I feel (and how YOU should feel) about something. Elucidating my intention as it were. I’m sure I could use this more in other places, like my About page, even on my Contact page. I’m not sure how and I feel like I need to really give it thought.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Love how well you know “her,” Aradia! How have you incorporated her language in your copy since you wrote this?

  6. connie curtis

    My dream clients are women or men who found out that are gluten intolerant or have food allergies. They need support in switching their lifestyle. Everytime I do it gets a little easier. I just write and dont worry. Your tips and help are so great.

    Is this too short?

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      Hi Connie! Have you found a pattern in the type of folks you like to work with (beyond just the intolerance or allergies) yet? The more you can make them see you’re speaking to THEM, the more likely they’ll be to respond.

  7. Sarah Chase

    My Dream Client:

    A mom

    A first time mom, second time mom, or even a mom of three.

    My dream client enjoys DIY projects, crafts with her kids, and family time.

    She values the moments she has with her family ,and values photography- a tool used to pause time and keep memories tangible.

    1. Nikki Elledge Brown

      “to pause time and keep memories tangible” – LOVE that, Sarah. You must do great work :)

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