Project Reconnection – My Solo Trip to Hawaii


My overarching theme for this summer is RECONNECT.

  • With myself.
  • With my fam.
  • With my home.
  • With my friends.
  • With my mission.
  • With my community.
    (That’s you!) My first step in the process is the CLEARING – which is why this solo trip to Hawaii, when the volcano happens to be actively erupting… is total symbolic perfection. (We’re ending the summer with a bucket list fam trip to Alaska… I think that will be the real RECONNECT piece because we’ll be all up in each other’s faces for three weeks 🤪) But for now…. clearing.

While I’m over the rainbow I can clear thoughts / beliefs / old stories and physical tension.

And when I get HOME, no cabinet / drawer is safe.


What’s your mission this summer?

What / who would YOU love to reconnect to?

Own that goodness here in the comments!

#also: whether you’re in a clearing mood or NOT… join me on Instastories for more of this digi-helicopter ride to an *actively erupting* Kilauea vent (one of the most awe-inspiring things I’ve ever witnessed with my 33yo eyeballs).

I’m missing my boys big time AND also so grateful to have a few more days to enjoy this magic over the rainbow.

Bring on the new year.✨


Somewhere over the rainbow

I have three glorious hours to soak up Oahu cooties before heading to the Big Island for this week’s adventure.

Currently sitting on a bench outside of G1 soaking up the breeze and the ridiculously perfect temperature here in the shade.

I can see those beautiful green mountains (my fave!) and the hospital where I birthed my babies (it’s huge, pink, and hard to miss) and to be honest, I really need to pee but I just can’t move yet. I knew I would miss this place when we moved last year, but I couldn’t have imagined just how much.

Fair warning: I will be using my Instastories to bottle up the little things this week — to make a digi-scrapbook for me and my fam.

If you TOO could use some aloha in your life (RHETORICAL IF) — come along with me. 😘🌈


Treasuring the Naptimes

Although it was a daily ritual in the early months, I can’t remember the last time this wiggle worm took a nap on me.

Today I was enjoying some quiet “me time” in the backyard when I heard him start crying through the monitor, hours before I expected him to wake up.

Uncensored first thought: 😩😏😕

He was only half awake, not in the mood to chit chat.

Yes or no Qs would light the way.

I offered to hold him and snuggle on the floor by his bed, on B’s bed, even on my bed!

But no. Still fussy. .

Finally I asked if he wanted to snuggle on the couch.


I wasn’t sure if we were just hanging out at first — if he was about to pop his head up and ask to watch some Sofia — but he didn’t.

THAT’S when I realized this was alllllllll an elaborate scheme to give me the sweetest surprise gift he could’ve given me.

I may not have anchored in our last naptime snuggle, but there’s no way I’m forgetting this one.✨😇✨


Move your feet.

WHAT IF…. you finally let GO of needing all the answers first, and trust that they’ll come as you move your feet? 👣

Found this nugget while looking through my notebooks and journals today, collecting inspo for my first draft.

So fitting that I found this playful note of chalky cheer (+ many others like it) on a day I decided to get out of my house and move my dang feet.

If you find yourself spinning and confused, nervous to make a “wrong” move — remind yourself that it’s okay not to know how it’ll all work out.

NOBODY DOES. (That’s kinda the fun of it.)

Take a step — any step! — with an open and curious mind.

Trust you’ll learn exactly what you need to learn in order to take the NEXT step after that.

Because (#spoileralert) …you totally will. ✨


Proof that we “teach” what we most need to learn

Proof that we “teach” what we most need to learn.

I use air quotes on teaching here because I am KEENLY aware that the messages that come through me (for solo eps of the #naptimeempires podcast) are just as much for ME as much as they are for you.


For you for me for us.

Which one of these messages do YOU need most today?

Tell me here.

The rest of it is waiting for you at 🎧✨