You’re Not Behind: 2020 Edition

If you've yet to "pick a word," fill out a reflective journal, create a vision board, host your moon ceremony, and / or complete that special task you thought you’d blow through this week, I ask you to consider the RADICAL possibility that YOU ARE NOT BEHIND.

Yes, we're in the second week of January.

The start of a whole new decade (according to some).

And no, you haven’t missed the figurative boat.

In fact, the way I see it these days, you actually CANNOT miss *your* figurative boat.

Life is precious. So is your energy.

If you’re not feeling particularly inspired by a word, a project, or commitment right now (and you’re feeling like something’s a bit wrong with you as a result), you don't HAVE to force and fake it.

When you're feeling spinny / directionless,...

“steak and eggs, scotch and water”: A Pearl Harbor Digi-Scrapbook

We just got home from a quick trip to celebrate my Great Aunt Lola's 99th birthday... what a gift. We're already making plans to be there with her next year for the big 100 <3
My grandparents passed years ago, so I've come to really treasure the moments we get to sit and just BE with Aunt Lola and those from her generation. (I say "sit and just BE" - my boys were doing anything BUT sitting still - "as it should be," she said ;))

The reflective / integrative mood I mentioned last week is carrying on as I keep going through our books, boxes, and photos over here.
Last weekend I spent hours going through my own pics and videos from my Pearl Harbor / National Park Service days in honor of December 7th and all that its history means to us, as a family, and as...

How Inspired Action Makes Selling (Way) Easier: A Convo with Alex Beadon

On living your way into the answer...
I love this quote:
How do you feel about listening to podcasts?
I love 'em.
I value the medium. The actual CHANNEL for communication.
I love listening to a conversation (solo or) between two people and feeling my own energy rise.
LingOL when someone makes a joke that existed in my brain too.
I love how having someone ELSE's voice inside my head - even just for 20 minutes - can build such strong connection and trust.

The rush is optional.

There’s something new I’ve been dreaming up for a while now.

It’s not ready for sharing JUST yet. (Almost!)
While I’ve been WILDLY tempted to just blurt it out via hashtag, livestream, or interview over the past few months, I’m holding on to it for just a little bit longer.
I’ve got some loops to close and some space to clear first.
Big, meaningful open loops.
In my business, in my home, in my relationships.
And so that’s...

What’s right (for now)?

To the stay at home mom who realizes she actually DOESN'T want to delegate childcare because (challenging as it is!) she genuinely treasures this season of being available for the kiddo(s):

That aha is PRICELESS. When you know you're not willing to compromise time with kiddos for biz progress then you won't have to feel guilty for not being further along in biz.

You're right where you want to be and that's the most powerful position to be in ❤️

That said - it's just a matter of managing your own expectations and not forgetting that what you value most is time with kiddos right now and that's 100%...