On Ease and Effort

I’ve been thinking lately about the notion that “what is for you cannot pass you.”

Sounds comforting for sure, and I absolutely trust in divine connections, synchronicity, and support from what my friend @susanferraro calls Team Other Side, BUT ALSO:

Effort IS required. Action IS required.


The key to inspiring loyalty in your team (kids, partner, etc).

Biz leaders: If you’d love to help your team stay as engaged and inspired (and thus as disciplined, reliable, focused, and fulfilled) as possible, I highly recommend diving in to values work. Yesterday, if possible.

A huge part of the work I do with clients these days starts with John Demartini’s Values Determination Process. In this scenario, you would have each team member (yourself included) go through the process (regularly, quarterly at least) to identify what inspires them do do what they do *in this season of life.*


What if you’re *not* unclear?

What if you’re not unclear on what to do next?


YOU are the gift.

It’s a beautiful thing to shine bright and excel in our work, *and* it can be a really hard thing to untangle those “wins” from our inherent worth as humans.

In case you need the reminder today:


Allergic to setting goals?

GOAL-DAMAGED: When your compass is so wonky (and the once-I-was-an-overachiever shame is so deep) that you don’t even trust yourself to SET goals anymore.

You may even be telling yourself the story that goals are “bad” … using sexy words like ease and alignment to excuse yourself from participation in the game you KNOW you were born to play.

Can we be done with that story now??

It’s time to redefine your relationship to goals, values, alignment, and thus, MEANINGFUL MOMENTUM in 2022. I’d love to help.