The Cure for Online Biz Loneliness

Biz Loneliness

the cure for online biz loneliness
What if I told you you’re not alone over there?

(Welp – that actually sounds a bit creepy. Let’s start over.)

What I mean is:

You may feel isolated over there, working on your business, tap-tap-tapping away on your keyboard, troubleshooting tech, second-guessing your copy / launch strategy / entire business model day in, month out…

But you’re NOT alone.

And another thing: Just because your work requires an internet connection doesn’t mean your RELATIONSHIPS have to.

Let’s prove it this week.


How to Handle Fear Like a Boss(y Pants)

Close the door and let's go.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” – FDR

“And lizards. Fear and lizards.” – NEB

Here’s the deal, friend: There was a lizard in my car this week, and while I’m not necessarily PROUD of how I handled it, I learned a valuable lesson through it all and I’d love to share it.

If you frequently find yourself stuck in limbo, going ROUND and round taking inventory of your fear(s), this video is for you.


Success Is Not a Sprint: 3 Tips for Workin’ Like a #ninjatortoise

Success is not a sprint.

Success is not a sprint.


I’m gonna be really honest here.

I’ve thought about quitting my business on more than one occasion this year.

The thoughts don’t last long…but they’ve been there.

Should I shut down ACAC?
What on earth am I doing with Naptime Empires?
Do I really want to put myself (+ my family) through the unpredictability of entrepreneurship?

Answer key: nope, not sure (+ that’s okay), YES.

I had a really extraordinary first year in business.

I had a great SECOND year in business.

Third year was pretty impressive too (especially considering deployments + pregnancy).

Fourth year is off to a….character-building…. start.

Lower lows, lower highs, and a big realization:

Success is not a sprint.

And while breaks are important + necessary at times, quitting is not an option for me.

I will POWER WALK my way to the hypothetical finish line if I need to.

If you’re feeling frustrated that you’re not getting “there” fast enough, this video is for you. (more…)

How to Master the Micro-Hustle with 90 Day Year Creator Todd Herman

90 Day Year

Todd Herman 90 Day Year


If you’re tired of working “hard” without seeing results, well…..skip right over this post and proceed right to this free training series. STAT.

But THEN come right back to hang out with me and one of the world’s leading performance coaches (father of two, root beer aficionado, and West Canadian farm boy) Todd Herman as we chat about goal-setting, asking for help, adjusting expectations, and the art of the micro-hustle…especially in the context of building a business with little ones at home.

This is intentionally a super-casual conversation (as opposed a super-structured interview) because I want to help you see the Todd behind the pocket squares and the infographics.

Whether you’ve got kiddos at home or not, if you find yourself struggling to “get it all done” in a given day, I invite you to be a fly on the YouTube wall and JOIN US.

You’ve got nothing to lose but excuses.


DIY Video Lighting Tips: A Tour of My Faux-Pro Studio

DIY Lighting Tips
Ever wonder how people get those nice crisp white backgrounds in their (talking head-style) videos?

ME TOO. So I googled and YouTubed and asked my photog buddies, and through less trial + error than you might think, I finally figured it out.

For years now I’ve used this DIY video setup in various spots including my garage, our old bedroom, the gameroom at my parents’ house in Texas…and now at our “new” house (that we moved into six months ago ;)).

With just a bit of tweaking, I get the same clean result each + every time.

I’m doing some new recordings this week, so while I’ve got it set up, I’m inviting you on a tour to show you exactly how it works.

(I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how simple it is.) (more…)