DIY Video Lighting Tips: A Tour of My Faux-Pro Studio

DIY Lighting Tips
Ever wonder how people get those nice crisp white backgrounds in their (talking head-style) videos?

ME TOO. So I googled and YouTubed and asked my photog buddies, and through less trial + error than you might think, I finally figured it out.

For years now I’ve used this DIY video setup in various spots including my garage, our old bedroom, the gameroom at my parents’ house in Texas…and now at our “new” house (that we moved into six months ago ;)).

With just a bit of tweaking, I get the same clean result each + every time.

I’m doing some new recordings this week, so while I’ve got it set up, I’m inviting you on a tour to show you exactly how it works.

(I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how simple it is.) (more…)

7 Ways Creating a Course Can Help Your 1:1 Business

Before Buy Online Course

There’s a lot of talk about creating online courses these days.

And most of it assumes you don’t want to work 1:1 anymore.

That may absolutely be the case (you’ve only got so many hours in the day, after all), BUT what if it’s not the full story?

If you enjoy working 1:1 AND the idea of creating an online course interests you, this video is for you. (more…)

To the Mamas Workin’ On Naptime Empires™

Successful Launch

To the expecting mama, wondering how you’re gonna make this business + baby thing WORK:

  1. Congrats! This is a crazy + exciting time. It’s freaking fabulous that you’ve already got a flexible setup working from home.
  2. Welcome to the world wide web of mom advice…it will never stop. Remember that your own intuition is your wisest advisor.
  3. Plan + prep as you may, your snugglebug will be the boss for a little while, and that’s okay :)


Let’s Quit Facebook.

Successful Launch

It’ll be FUN!

You and me.

Out in the world this weekend, ENJOYING IT WITH OUR EYEBALLS.

Here’s the backstory:

Last weekend, after months of using it for little more than a paperweight on my nightstand, I cracked open Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic.

When I started it last year, I couldn’t make it past the first few chapters.

But Saturday night it was calling to me.


Facebook Live Made Me Do It (Meet My New Idea Baby)

Successful LaunchThe secret is OUT!

But first (before I share the secret), a confession:

I have a serious crush on Facebook Live.

Last week I challenged myself to do one broadcast errrry day this week, and it has been a delightful change in (my usual hermitly) routine.

One of my fave parts about live-streaming is that it forces you to move past perfectionism.