Word Pickles, Social Studies, & Dreamails: The NEW ACAC Workshop Series

WORDPICKLES.COM << It’s real. Click it.

If you use the internet for business + community-building, feast your eyes and sharpen your pencil(s).

If you could use a little help:

>> Crafting social media posts that build *genuine* connection with your crowd

>> Drafting emails your dream clients + customers LOVE to open (+ buy from)

>> Handling awk + uncomfortable convos with clarity, compassion, and honesty

I GOT YOUR BACK. (And a great domain, obviously.) (more…)

This one’s for the tough days. (An excerpt from Carrie Green’s book, She Means Business)

How does Friday roll around so quickly?

We’re still easing out of vacation mode over here, so last night I found myself thinking “WOOPS. It’s almost Friday and I haven’t sent anything to my community this week. Let’s just see what inspiration bubbles up tomorrow.”

^^^ This is noteworthy, because in the olden days, I would force myself to sit at my laptop and crank something out, even if it meant staying up past midnight and sucking all of the fun out of the experience.

Do you find yourself doing that sometimes too? (more…)

Denise Duffield-Thomas on Money Bootcamp and Creating Richness in ALL Areas

Let’s talk RICHNESS.

In alllll areas of life.

In my latest convo with money mindset powerhouse Denise Duffield-Thomas we covered ALL the bases:

money blocks.
biz puberty.
what’s in the collective AIR at the moment with so many of our fellow female entrepreneurs.
#naptimeempires life – the good, the bad, the ugly.
a new way of doing business.
seeing your life in SEASONS and releasing that EXHAUSTING sense of urgency. workaholism.
working with husbands.
our trip to meet each other (and the ultimate chillionaire-billionaire) later this year.

SRSLY – there’s a lot of goodness in here.

Have a listen while you’re doing what you DO today, and for more – check out Denise’s brand new “Reclaim Your Money Power” workshop.

We’ve got more support headed your way soon.


GREAT News for Overachievers + Perfectionists

I know you logically KNOW this.

But if you’re still keeping yourself benched on the sidelines, watching (what feels like) everyone else play the game because (you think) you don’t know enough yet, it’s time for a reminder:

You don’t have to know EVERYTHING to make a meaningful difference.

I re-read this GEM in a post by the brilliant Denise DT today and felt pulled to share it with you too: (more…)

THIS or Something Better: Manifesting Our Dream (Texas) Home

“THIS… or something BETTER.”

Over the past year while looking for our first Texas dream home, it’s a mantra I repeated to myself (and to my husband) often.

We’d find (+ get excited about) a house we LOVED – for various reasons:

gorgeous pool.

open and bright (yet spacious) floor plan.

home office.

updated interiors.

cul de sac (MADE for biking, scooting, mini Range Roving, and sidewalk chalking).

green grass for days.

an ORANGE tree. (!?)

We’d be all gung-ho, then dig a little deeper and find a dealbreaker:

history of termites.

previous foundation problems.

CURRENT foundation problems.

open and bright, but no office.

great pool, no grass.

too far past our ideal price range.

We could’ve easily settled and gone with “good enough.”

Compromising on what we both knew we REALLY wanted.

Sign the papers, check the box.

But while that certainly may have been easier in the scarcity-based, never-gonna-find-one-better short term, it would’ve sucked for the long run.

We weren’t goin’ out like that.

As I always say, “REALLY GOOD is good enough.”

Not meh – not fair – not just “close enough.”


We were committed to THIS or something BETTER.

Even if it took a little longer than expected.

Even if we needed to rent for a little while.

As tempted as we were to say “SURELY this is as good as it’s gonna get!” every “close enough” house was proof that a “REALLY good” one could be out there.

All of the elements we were looking for and most excited about DID in fact exist, not just in the physical world, but in our hometown. Validation.

And yet – antsy pants.

In early January I fell in love with a house online – it was updated, had a pool, an outdoor shower, even a slide!

Sent my sisters and parents to check it out for me via Facetime.

Not the one. (No backyard grass for the boys to play in.)

Then another – pool plus grass AND updates I loved!

They went to check it out.

Not the one. (Foundation issues so obvi it felt like walking through a fun house. The updates must’ve been there as a diversion.)

Real estate rollercoaster.

I decided to express my feelings (about the “I thought you were a sure thing” houses) via song.

“If you’re not the one” by Daniel Bedengfield, to be exact.

While I was in the zone, I decided to find a song that described how I wanted to feel about the RIGHT house:

“I can’t help falling in love with you” – UB40 edition.

Figured that if our house could talk / sing, it would choose this one:

“Here I am (come and take me)” – because it loves to jam to UB40 too.

The last audio-step of our musical home-buying experience would be the song we’d play once all the boxes were unpacked, the boys upstairs asleep while we relax on the couch, admiring the view.

“At Last” by Etta James.

✨I’m REALLY happy to report that (after starting this home-buying process in January) it’s finally time for Etta this week.✨

You see, just a week or two after I set my “musical” vision board, I got a text from my sister.

Her friend was putting her beloved house up for sale – and it was just down the street!

not JUST a gorgeous pool. a gorgeous pool with (a way cooler) slide. and waterfall. and a mini GROTTO, for Pete’s. << my transition to the little mermaid is now complete.

open and bright (yet spacious) floor plan.

home office. with doors!

the price was JUST right, so we’ve been happy to make our own (fabulous) updates to the interior.

cul de sac (MADE for biking, scooting, mini Range Roving, and sidewalk chalking).

green grass for days (set apart from the pool area with a brand new safety fence).

instead of an orange tree, we’ve got lemons AND limes.

never-would’ve-dreamt-it BONUS: it’s within close walking distance of a lake, two of my sisters, and four of the boys’ cousins.

(Although after living in Hawaii for a decade, I’m excited that ALL of North and South America is technically within walking distance.)

Bottom line(s):

THIS *is* something better.

And as I sit here typing from my new corner (of the couch) office admiring this tropical thunderstorm view while Deke naps upstairs… I’ve gotta say:

I’m so glad I didn’t settle for less.

And in case you need the reminder: You don’t have to either.